How To Troubleshoot Windshield Wiper Fluid Not Coming Out

Several reasons can make you experience the windshield wiper fluid not coming out. Among some of the things that you are likely to experience when going about your daily driving is the windshield not working the way it should. This guide will focus on the common reasons and how to fix them as part of your truck maintenance.

Why is Windshield Wiper Fluid Not Coming Out

Let us go through this guide while we help you understand some of the reasons why you may experience your windshield wiper fluid not come out

No Washer Fluid

When you experience the windshield wiper fluid not coming out, the first step is to check on the amount f washer fluid in the reservoir. A standard windshield reservoir will hold 2.5 to 4 liters of washer fluid.

The washer fluid not only cleans the windshield but also helps to provide you with clear visibility as you drive. Whenever the fluid fails to come out, consider checking its levels and refilling it. If it does not come out, other parts might have problems.

Blocked Windshield Washer Hose or Nozzles

A clogged nozzle is likely to cause you to experience the windshield wiper fluid not coming out. If this happens, take the following steps to unclog your nozzle.

 Use of Compressed Air

The nozzle gets clogged due to the presence of debris. To remove this debris, use compressed air to blow the debris off. Doing this clears out all the materials which might have clogged the nozzle.

Use a Sewing needle

The sewing needle is another readily available. Ensure you use the smallest sewing needle to push through or pull out the debris in the nozzle.

Consider Checking the windshield washer hose

The rubber materials connecting the wiper fluid hose to your truck may leak as time passes, which is one of the reasons why your wiper fluid may not be spraying effectively.

Blown Washer Pump Fuse

The washer pump is one of your truck’s electrical accessories, which is protected by a fuse. The fuse prevents electrical short and overloading electricity. 

When the fuse is blown, the pump will not be able to function, and this is how you can troubleshoot it.

Locate the Blown Fuse

You can use a circuit tester if your truck has no tester light. Both the circuit tester and tester light will help you determine if your fuse is blown.

Remove the Blown Fuse

After the tester has determined that your fuse is blown, consider removing it and replacing it with one with a similar amp rating.

Do another testing

Reattach your wiper lines and try spraying to determine whether the system works perfectly.

Damaged Washer Pump Motor

The washer pump is connected to the washer fluid reservoir. If this electric motor fails to function, the switch will not turn on to pump the windshield washer fluid. You can troubleshoot it by doing the following.

First, you have to locater where the washer pump is, usually at the bottom of the reservoir.

Use the test light

Consider attaching your test light and have someone turn on the washer nozzles as they probe the back of the connector on the pump. If you have verified that the power system is perfect, replacing the washer pump motor is not necessary.

You can perform this at home or with the help of a professional mechanic.


The wiper system is one of the electric components of your truck. At some point, it has to malfunction. If this happens, consider checking the areas outlined above to help you troubleshoot, and your washer fluid will be able to spray.

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