Why My Truck Pulls Sideways When Braking

We apply brakes in many instances, like when we want to stop our trucks or even during an emergency. Brakes can save us from a truck crash. Therefore, the brake is an integral part of your truck. Whenever you apply it, some hopes of controlling your truck come. But in some circumstances, using brakes can be hell and traumatizing, especially when you feel your truck is moving either left or right. The sideways movement at high speed can be dangerous as the truck can easily veer off the road. Let us look at some of the reasons why your truck pulls sideways when braking. 

Tires Problems

When you step on the brakes, then realize that your truck is making either a left or right pull. The first culprit you should check is the tires. If your tire treads wear out uniformly, are not correctly fitted, or are even under-inflated, they can cause sideways pull.

Fitting a new tire can cause this problem if you only fit a new single tire and the rest are old. Buying new sets of tires for an axle is necessary to avoid pulling while braking. It is safer to install new tires at the rear axle and slightly older ones at the front axle because, during braking, the rear wheels feel more load and lose grip faster than the front tires. 

Braking System Problem

When your braking system is faulty, there is a higher chance of your truck pulling sideways when braking. Sticky brake calipers and faulty wheel cylinder causes uneven grab on the wheels. Some wheels may be grabbed more than others, leading to your truck pulling sideways when braking. 

When driving, your truck can usually pull sideways when the brake is dragging. Under such circumstances, your brake will heat up, and you will feel a burning smell in your truck. You must check the braking system and make the necessary repairs to fix this. 

Poor Wheel Alignment

Poor wheel alignment is another cause of your truck dragging sideways as you brake. Many truck owners usually forget about wheel alignment as they service their trucks. What is wheel alignment? We can define it as the angle of the wheels against one another and the entire body of your truck. 

Three main adjustments take place when performing a wheel alignment. First, the toe angle shows the side the wheels point at, either in or out. Second, the chamber angle is how your will is tilted against the body of your truck. Third, the castor angle determines how verticle the wheel is against the suspension. 

When your wheels are not aligned properly, you will feel the sideways pullings when braking, uneven tire wear, and handling problems. You must perform wheel alignment whenever you fix new tires or service your drum or disc brakes. 


The problem with the truck pulling sideways when driving is a sign of a problem that needs attention on your truck. If you note it, consider checking your wheel alignment, the condition of your tires, and the brakes. 

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