Which Are The Most Reliable Japanese Mini Trucks?

Japanese mini trucks have been around for many years. And they have also sold way more units than ever before. They have become the go-to vehicles for anyone who needs the perfect pick up truck alternative. However, not everyone out there understands these kei trucks. This is because there are many Japanese mini truck automakers out there. There are even clones from other countries which can make one get even more confused. There are lots of these Japanese mini trucks in the market, and that can be confusing for some people to pick the right one. That is why we have created this guide to list some of the most reliable Japanese mini trucks that one can always count on.

Which Are The Most Reliable Japanese Mini Trucks?

Reliability in a vehicle is everything. Nobody would want to spend on a vehicle that is not reliable enough. This is why it is very important to make sure that the vehicle you are getting is up to the task. Among some of the things that make the Japanese mini trucks stand out is the fact that some of them are 4-wheel drive. Some of the best mini trucks that are considered superior in the market includes Honda Acty, Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu Hijet and Mazda Scrum. There are others, but these are those that stand out.

To further understand the Japanese mini trucks in depth, let us look at some of the various models in which these vehicles can come in.

Types Of Japanese Mini Trucks

Dump bed mini truck – This is perhaps the most common of the mini truck models that one will come across. They are designed with a bed that resembles that of a pick up truck, only that it is fitted with a hydraulic dumping mechanism for easy offloading of cargo.

Flat bed mini truck – These are the second most popular kei truck models. They are designed with a bed that is not raised on the sides and is therefore completely flat. This is intended to make it easy to carry unevenly sized loads.

Scissor lift truck – This is quite a unique vehicle that has seen an increase in its use in various industries. The dump of this kei truck is designed just like that of the dump bed mini truck. The only difference is that the hydraulic system in this one raises the bed uniformly on all sides with a scissor designed structure under the bed.

Caravan mini truck – Yet another type of mini truck that you will love is the caravan mini truck. This one can act as a good recreational vehicle because it has a covered bed. It has also been used as food truck by some people.


Japanese mini trucks have stood the test of time and there is really no debate about that. Shared above are some of the mini trucks that you should be putting your attention towards. Honda Acty, Daihatsu Hijet, Suzuki Carry and Mazda Scrum are those that will not disappoint.

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