Where To Buy Japanese Mini Truck

There is a rising trend with the use and acquisition of the Japanese mini truck vehicles. This is not only in Japan but also in the US, Canada New Zealand and pretty much any other place. There is a reason for this, and it is simply because of the great performance and dependability that one gets. They are vehicles made by some of the leading automakers. This is also as a result of many years of engineering and unmatched craftsmanship. That said, you need to get yourself a Japanese mini truck. But how and where? In this guide, we will help you figure out where to buy Japanese mini truck that will not disappoint.

But before we delve onto that, below are some of the things that makes the Japanese mini trucks, stand out.

Why Japanese Mini Trucks Are Good

There are some things that makes the kei trucks otherwise known as Japanese mini trucks unbeatable. Below are some of them that you need to keep in mind.

Unmatched Class Performance

Japanese mini trucks are the ultimate lightweight vehicles that would be the perfect alternative for pick up trucks. They can be used to carry pretty much anything that the pick up truck can carry. The only limitation being it’s carrying capacity. However, it has proven to be very useful in dealing with everyday tasks. Where it would be costly and less cost-efficient to use a truck or a regular pick up truck, the kei truck has excelled.

Excellent Fuel Economy

The fact that these vehicles are made with smaller engines means that they consume less fuel. This is a much welcomed vehicle in a world where fuel prices skyrocket every time. You can therefore cover more distance carrying lots of load without spending so much on fuel. If you are therefor looking for a vehicle that takes less fuel yet delivers, then the kei truck is the vehicle to go for.

Sturdy Durable Construction

The craftsmanship on the kei trucks is on another level. Nowadays it is hard t find a solidly built vehicle that is durable. Most of the carbon fiber bodies fall apart after few years of usage. However, it is common to come across a Japanese mini truck that is 40 years old and still running like it is brand new. This is therefore a vehicle worth investing on.

Little Maintenance & Available Spares

Have you ever had a vehicle that demands attention of a mechanic all the time? If you have had to spend a lot of time in the garage trying to fix a fault after another, then you need a Japanese mini truck. This vehicle has not only been built to last but to also serve you without breaking easily. It is for this reason that we recommend going for the little maintenance Japanese mini truck with a proven track record in maintenance.


Nobody loves to spend too much money on a vehicle. But this is proving to be hard since most of the reliable vehicles that are available in the market do not come cheap. But that is not the case with the used Japanese mini trucks. They are comparable to the pick up trucks yet still come at a fraction of what the standard trucks come at. It is also advisable to go for the used second hand kei trucks which will give you value for the money.

Where To Buy Japanese Mini Truck

So, where do you find a Japanese mini truck to buy? Are these vehicles easy to come across? Below, we outline some of the best places on where to buy Japanese mini truck vehicles easily.

Classified Websites

Classified websites have been around long enough to be used to find stuffs that are on offer or on sale. Whether it is furniture or cars, the classified websites have proven to always be useful. Contrary to what many people may think of these sites as old, they are still very useful. Some of the best classified such as Gumtree or Craigslist have been around and still have millions of daily visitors flocking in them to either sell or buy stuff. There re also many people who buy their Japanese mini truck and with the categories, you can easily browse and find your kei tuck.

Local Car Dealerships

Yet another golden but useful approach is to use the local car dealerships. It is as easy as going down the local dealership that sells used vehicles and you can easily come across the kei truck. You can visit as many yards to increase your chances of getting the Japanese mini truck that you are looking for. With that said, this is something that you cannot afford to miss out on.

Consider Importing The Mini Truck

One thing that the above methods of acquiring kei trucks fall short is with the availability and variety of options that you will have. It is always good to have enough a kei truck that gives you all the features and is as functional as new. The only way that gives you a guarantee on the vehicle that you are getting is to use a marketplace that is big and offers you a variety to choose from. This is the importation option.

Importing the mini truck from Japan will obviously give you many options since you can compare from a variety. Imagine browsing hundreds of options to find the right one. And even better you can get one for your budget. And importing isn’t as hard as it used to be. With the web, you can browse options online and communicate with the sellers and have them shipped.

Final Word

Japanese mini trucks are the ultimate lightweight vehicles that are alternative to pick up trucks. With high performance, excellent capabilities and deliverability, you can always count on them to deliver.

You can check some that we have in our Japan based used car yard. Japanese mini trucks are our specialty and we have helped thousands of users have the vehicles shipped to them regardless of their country or state.