When Should You Replace Truck Parts?

Even if you put more effort into ensuring that your truck is in good shape, most of its parts will wear out and need replacement. When should you replace truck parts? If you drive your truck daily, it will require regular maintenance for an extended lifespan. Regular truck maintenance will save you from hefty and costly repairs. However, many truck owners need to be more conversant with when to replace various truck parts of their trucks. 

It is hard to determine when to replace various truck parts because they wear down at different times and need a replacement in a specific month or year. Here is a short guide that will help you know when to replace your truck’s vital parts.


Your truck’s battery ages and becomes less powerful as it serves you. When its strength starts to weaken, your truck’s performance will go down. A truck battery, just like other batteries, usually charges and discharge. Such activity weakens it, and it will require a replacement. 

A good battery will give you at least 4-5 years of service, so prepare to replace your battery after every 5 years. Apart from replacement, consult a professional to check your battery after every year. The checkup aims to identify the physical damages, dirty terminals, and broken cables. 


Tires are among the most important truck parts that need replacement more often. The role they play exposes them to regular tear and wear. Your truck’s safety and performance depend on the condition of its tires. Therefore, performing a routine inspection of your tires is essential.

High-quality tires will serve you for several years, but you should consider replacing them when necessary. Several factors can interfere with the lifespan of your tires, like your driving habit and terrain. Therefore, replacing your tires after 5-7 years is essential.

Brake Rotors

The braking system has various components. The common one is the brake pads because they are prone to tear and wear. However, another integral part of the braking system is the rotors. It is the rotors that stop your truck because they are friction-based components. 

When you press the brake pedals, the friction from the rotors exposes them to wear, which might make them less effective. The rotors thus require a replacement as needed. Generally, the rotors will give you a service of 50,000 to 70,000 miles. Consider replacing your rotors after covering this mile. 

Shock & Struts

Shocks and struts are vital components of the suspension system. As the name suggests, the shock absorbers enable the wheels to recover whenever your truck hits a bump. On the other hand, the struts support your truck’s weight and determine how your truck handles while driving.

Most shocks and struts offer a lifetime guarantee, but you should consider replacing them after every 50,000 to 100,000 miles.


Apart from the above-discussed parts, other important parts of your truck will need a replacement. The exterior lights, spark plugs, windshield, door handles, and locks are some parts you will have to replace with time. Consider taking your truck to a professional for a thorough inspection after a few months. Apart from inspection, be attentive to the warning signs your truck will be showing. 

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