What is the Most Common Engine in Trucks?

What is the most common engine in trucks that one can find? Well, let us dig into that by checking out some of the leading engine makers. Trucks use the internal combustion engine. This engine is internal combustion because it produces thermal energy by burning fuel in the combustion chambers. The thermal/heat energy is converted to mechanical energy to move the truck. Complete combustion takes place in four strokes. What is a stroke? In simple terms, stroke is the piston’s movement in the cylinder. The piston makes an up and down motion in the cylinder. Whenever it makes a move, something happens. For example, the first lower motion of the piston results from the intake of oxygen in the cylinder.

What is the Most Common Engine in Trucks?

The four-stroke is the general principle in which standard engines in trucks operate. Various motor companies produce truck engines. The difference in these engines is the brand and the few modifications made by the manufacturer. Let us look at the common engines in trucks. 

Detroit Series 60

The GM company has vast experience designing and building high-quality diesel engines. This company has for decades made the best engines like the Detroit series 60. The Detroit s60 is a unique engine with an overhead camshaft and drive-by-wire electronic control. It has six cylinders arranged inline.

D60 is a reliable engine popular for its clean emissions, flexible torque, throttle response, and high-RPM horsepower. It consumes more fuel, but other virtues make it a darling to most truck owners.


Cummins Inc. designs, produce and distributes the Cummin engine. The cost of purchasing a Cummins engine is low, but it will serve you long if you give it proper maintenance. Cummins has a good fuel economy though its horsepower is relatively low. The Cummins will produce good horsepower if you sacrifice some fuel economy features. Cummins is ideal for you if you are operating a small growing company due to its economical features. 


Companies like Nissan diesel, Renault, and the Mack relate to Volvo. Volvo engine is for the European market, and its electric speed limiter limits its top speed to 56 miles per hour. The Volvo engine has a lot of horsepower and torque. Its fuel economy, emissions, and reliability are top-notch, which makes it suitable for buses and cargo trucks on areas where less torque is necessary.

CAT Diesel

CAT diesel engine hauls heavy loads in mountainous and steep areas. The caterpillar or CAT company began in the 19th-century manufacturing steam-powered tractors, but they diversified to produce bulldozers and other construction machines. The CAT makes the N-series engine expensive and heavy, with low RPM torque and high reliability. The cost of the N-series engine makes many people shy from it because they cannot afford it. Expensive engines do not easily break, but the cost of maintaining them is high.


There are different types of engines. These engines differ in torque, horsepower, and market price. Despite the variations, all truck engines are four-stroke. When selecting a truck engine, you must consider what you will do with the truck, the nature of the terrain your truck will be regularly working, and your budget.