What Does Ticking Noise From Engine of Truck Mean?

The production of ticking sound from your engine can be normal or can result from other parts of your truck which are faulty. Your engine will produce a clicking noise when the truck is in motion, when you press the acceleration pedal or when the engine is idling. This guide will focus on the causes of ticking noise from engine and how you can fix it.

What Does Ticking Noise From Engine of Truck Mean?

Causes of Engine ticking Sound

There are parts of the engine which are in constant rotation and reciprocation, and such movement is likely to cause a ticking sound that should not worry you. When you hear a ticking sound, this is what it means.

Operating Noise and Normal Engine Wear

The design of your truck’s engine can make it produce the ticking sound when functioning. When your engine starts to wear, it will likely have a ticking sound. Such should not bother you, but some ticking noises should concern you.

Your engine will produce ticks when the fuel injectors fire. The fuel injectors are parts of your truck’s electric system, and their primary function is to open and close to allow the right amount of fuel inside the combustion chamber. When the injectors open and idle, you will hear sounds like someone tapping a pencil on the table. Such a ticking sound should not worry you.

The exhaust manifold leak will produce a ticking sound when the engine is idling or on a low RMP which should not worry you as it ensures that the exhaust fumes are at their correct position.

When Your Valves are Poorly Adjusted

Your engine has two valves, the intake, and the exhaust valves. When these valves are poorly adjusted, you will hear the ticking sound.

The rocker arms help in the valves’ opening-closing and depend on pushrods to function. The pushrods must be far from the valves to work effectively.

The valve opens and closes twice as your engine functions. You will hear the ticking sound when the valves open and close correctly.

Bad Lifters

The cylinder depends on various lifters for its valves to open and close. The lifers wear out with time. Bad lifters will produce a ticking sound in the engine. 

Filter Spacing Problems

The filters are in between the pushrods and the camshaft. When the space between the filter, pushrods and the camshaft is loose or tight, it will be problematic for your truck. When the space is too loose, the three components will have adequate contact, and you will hear a ticking sound.

Bad/Contaminated engine oil

As you drive your truck on various terrain, its oil will come into contact with dirt contaminating it. For this reason, every manufacturer will advise you to replace your oil after a specific mileage. If you fail to service your oil, the dirt will accumulate and block the oil filters making your engine produce a clicking sound. 


It would help if you did not worry when your engine is producing a ticking sound. Sometimes the ticking sound might signal an issue or the regular engine operation.

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