How To Use a Torque Wrench For Spark Plug

Spark plugs need to be firmly held in their place to function effectively and at times you may need a torque wrench to achieve that. When correctly tightened, you can avoid engine performance issues. A common tool when installing and removing spark plugs is a torque wrench. 

Are you removing your spark plugs for the first time? Here is how to do it using a torque wrench. But first, you need to know a torque and torque wrench. 

What is Torque?

You have come across this term before. When buying your truck, two things attracted you, horsepower and torque. So what is torque? It is the measure of the force on an object that will make it rotate. Torque has various SI units, such as newton meter (N.M), pound inch (, and pound-foot (Ib.ft)

What is a Torque Wrench?

A torque wrench is a common term you will hear more often when you take your truck for routine servicing or read various guides about performing a given procedure in your truck. In simple terms, a torques wrench is a tool for tightening bolts and nuts. It enables the user to achieve the necessary tension when tightening bolts or nuts. 

A spark plug is a vital part of the engine, and it is essential to apply the correct torque when fixing it. Doing this will let it give you optimum performance.

Using a Torque Wrench For A Spark Plug

The spark plug has to perform effectively for your truck to get adequate horsepower and torque. It is, therefore, essential to tighten it to a given degree to offer the best performance.

There are various brands of spark plugs in the market. And these different brands have multiple specifications about how to fix a new or serviced unit. For example, a given brand may outline the torque necessary when installing a new spark plug and when fitting a serviced unit.

Spark plug manufacturers give different directions regarding fixing a new spark plug and fixing a serviced one because these units differ. One is new, and the other has been in service.

Removing the Spark Plug

When removing your spark plug, a torque wrench is an essential tool. How do you use it? Place the socket of your torque wrench around the spark plug and turn it in an anti-clockwise direction. If done correctly, the spark plug should quickly come out. Sometimes you might experience difficulty when removing your spark plug. The spark plug might be too tight in such a scenario. Stop before breaking it.

Installing a New Spark Plug

First, you need to hand-twist the spark plug in a clockwise direction until it becomes firm. Fit your torque wrench over the spark plug and screw it as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Never over-tighten the spark plug, as this can damage the engine. Spark plugs need to be firmly held in their place to function effectively and at times you may need a torque wrench to achieve that. head and other parts. In some engines, using a torque wrench is essential for proper indexing.


The spark plug is a delicate part of the engine. One needs to be cautious when working on it, especially fixing it. A torque wrench is essential for fixing and removing a spark plug. When fixing a spark plug using a torque wrench, go through the specifications. 

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