Using Kei trucks this fall

Fall is upon us. The cool weather and changes in the season have many wishing to go outdoors. Using your Kei trucks this fall may help to enhance the season. With many outdoor uses of your Kei truck, you may wonder what activities are best suited for your vehicle. From off-road use to camping, there are many ways in which you can get the most out of your vehicle this fall. Read on to find out more about using Kei Trucks this fall.

Kei trucks this fall can be used for clearing land

Preparing the land for fall

With the falling of leaves comes the ability to see the land. For many agricultural professions, this means that it is time to clear the land and prepare it for the next season. Kei trucks are ideal for clearing brush and other debris from acreage. Unlike full-sized options, the Kei truck is small enough and versatile enough to get into even the tightest of spaces. And with the capability of many models to travel up 30ᵒ inclines, it makes for a splendid companion to your land clearing equipment.

When clearing your land, you have several options available with Kei trucks this fall. First, you can use a standard Kei flatbed truck, such as the Subaru Sambar, to carry debris. Because you have fold-down sides, it is easy to load and unload the truck. Second, you could choose to have a dump bed Kei truck. As these trucks typically have the controls in the cabin, you can unload debris with ease.

It should be noted that when loading and unloading the Kei truck that the weight needs to be distributed evenly. This is the same as if you were loading the bed of a full-sized vehicle. Practice the best safety measures to reduce rocking and strain on the truck.

Off road recreation

If your work for the season is done, you can help for others to enjoy the season using Kei trucks this fall. One way in which you can do this is by having a hayride. Because the weight capacity of the trucks is around 1500lbs, you can easily transport riders. The off-road ease of use allows for trails to be easily navigated and for a more enjoyable ride. Larger, full-sized vehicles may be restricted due to their width.

Because the Kei truck can be registered as an off-road vehicle, it may be more cost-efficient to use the Kei truck for hayrides and for off-road recreational purposes. Check with your local tag, tax, and title registration office to find out the details for your area. With that in mind, it is also more fuel-efficient to use a Kei for off-road recreation than to use a full-sized vehicle. Many of the Kei trucks on the market have 660cc engines. These engines burn a lot less fuel than, for example, a Hemi on a full-sized truck. Fuel efficient, navigationally superior, lighter, the Kei truck makes for a great recreational vehicle to use this fall.

Using Kei trucks this fall for profit

Farmers may wish to use their Kei trucks for a more profitable means. As the season is abundant with produce, consider using your truck as a display for your goods. Pumpkins, squash, and corn can all be hauled and displayed on your Kei Truck. And, as the sides of your truck fold down, you can fully maximize the visibility of your produce. Use the truck as a farmer’s market type of stand, and when the day is done, fold the sides back up and go home. There is no need to bring an additional stand, which is cumbersome or worry about unloading or loading. The Kei truck provides an all-in-one display option for your produce this fall.

Aesthetically, the small truck lends to the fall themes. Classic and small trucks are icons of the fall season, and so using your Kei Truck may lend to that ambiance. This is especially true if you have a classic Kei truck you are using for fall. Consider using hay, leaves, and decorative lighting to add even more to the fall aesthetics, highlighting your produce/product more for the potential customer.

Camping and leisure

Should using your Kei truck for fall be for camping and leisure? Yes. There are several models of Kei which can be used for camping. These will be as Kei vans. Even if you own a Kei truck with a flatbed, you can use them for camping and leisure. There are two ways in which you can do this. First, you can have the truck fitted with a hard camper. This is the same type of hard bed camper that you would find on full-sized trucks. As the camper attachments come in all shapes and sizes, it is quite easy to retrofit your Kei flatbed into a camper. Second, you could just use the flatbed as a campsite using a sleeping bag to gaze at the stars.

If you do not want to retrofit a camper onto your existing Kei Truck, you could consider a Kei Camper or a Kei Van. Campers are available in tow behind options. Kei campers are ideal for one to two people. Vans differ in size depending upon the brand. However, most are side slide door accessible. Check to see which brands are available for your desired Kei camper or van.

Kei trucks this fall for leisure use.

Using Kei trucks this fall

Kei trucks offer a variety of uses regardless of the season. Get the most out of your Kei by exploring the world around you this season. Whether you use the truck for off-roading, camping, or just for a day of leisure on unexplored trails is up to you. If you do not have a Kei truck, fall is the perfect time to purchase one. With price points well below a full-size truck, what is not to like?

Check with your local tax, tag, and registration office to find out the stipulations regarding any importation of a Kei Truck. Most Kei trucks can be imported with ease if used for agricultural or for off-roading.