Used Japanese Mini Trucks – Things To Consider Before Importing Them To The USA

The decision to import a used mini truck or any other car from Japanese exporters is a good one. This is because it gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of vehicles and purchase it at a much lower price compared to your local car dealer. However, like when you are dealing with any other import, things can go wrong and the whole process can turn into a nightmare. This is what usually happens if you happen to fall into scammers who pose as genuine used Japanese car exporters. Even if you happen to get the right exporter other challenges may arise like being delivered with a truck that you did not purchase or getting the right one but in a bad condition.

If you imagine yourself in any of these situations, things can get really bad and you will end up regretting your decision. On the other hand, this should never happen to you if you will be careful enough to take the following precautions:

  • Know Who You Are Dealing With

The fact that you are importing your mini truck from Japan means that you are either using a Japanese exporter or dealer. This also means that your conversations and transactions are purely done online. The problem with this is that there are numerous online scammers who pose as genuine Japanese car dealers or exporters just to steal from unsuspecting importers.

The result is usually being sold a mini truck or any other car that does not exist or being sent a completely different vehicle from what you ordered. The only way to avoid cons and scammers is to take extra caution. Do your research well and only deal with known used Japanese car exporters.

  • Avoid Faulty Mini Trucks

Used Japanese mini trucks and other vehicles come in all kinds and conditions including those with ‘minor’ issues. This group of vehicles can be really tempting because they come way cheaper than the others. While there are many people who have gotten the best cars out of them, it can also be a complete recipe for disaster. This is because some of these vehicles have real issues that will end up costing you highly in the name of replacements or maintenance.

For instance, you may decide to order a dumping mini truck with ‘minor problems’ in its hydraulic system. This is taking a big risk knowing the unexpected can happen and in this case, you might end up replacing the entire hydraulic system. Faults can be anywhere and you should be careful to know which ones you can handle or just avoid such vehicles completely.

Even when the mini truck you intend to import is described as being in a good condition, you still need to look at its maintenance record just to be sure that it has no technical issues.

  • Ensure That The Mini Truck Is CPB Compliant

When you are importing your used Japanese mini trucks, you need to ensure that they conform to relevant USA standards of safety, bumper and emissions. Without this, things can get really complicated because your vehicle will be impounded and the clearing process will come to a standstill. Without CPB compliance, you vehicle will not be registered in the USA and for your truck to be compliant, you will need proof that it conforms to EPA and DOT standards through a certificate/letter from the manufacturer among other things.

If your vehicle meets all the quality standards including cleanliness, the clearance process can be quite easy. This process is necessary to ensure that only good vehicles get to enter into the country otherwise, they are subject to destruction. Sometimes, a non conforming vehicle can be brought into compliance but that can be a costly process.

  • Avoid Vehicles With No Clear Records

It is obvious that a vehicle without the necessary documentation cannot enter into the US because it will simply be impossible to clear it. These documents include the log books, ownership and the registration certificates among others. It is a common phenomenon to find vehicles with inadequate or no certification as well as particulars. Others simply have fake certification or wrong particulars that cannot meet the requirements of the CPB. This is usually the result of dealing with scammers and cons instead of genuine exporters and dealers.

  • Ensure That The Mini Truck Uses The Original Body Kit

This may be a rare occurrence but does not mean that it cannot happen to you. This is because such vehicles exist in the market and probably with very low prices. The problem with such mini trucks is that there could be other hidden problems that can bring you a lot of problems later. The best advice is to avoid them completely.

  • Ensure That You Are Given Full Access To What You Need

dump bed mini truckThe secret of having a successful mini truck import or any other vehicle from Japan is dealing with a genuine exporter or agent. One of the characteristics of such a dealer is the ability to give you full access to the information that you need. So, upon settling on the mini truck of your choice, you deserve to be given full details about it as well as any other information that you need to know.


The reliability of used Japanese mini trucks in hauling loads from one place to another has received much recognition in the USA. While importing it directly from Japanese exporters enables you to get a good mini truck at unbelievably low prices, you need to be extra careful to ensure that you get everything right. Fraudsters have infiltrated into the process and they make use of every opportunity they get to turn the otherwise simple and genuine process into a complete nightmare.

This article has dealt with all the things that you need to look out for a smooth importation process which is very helpful especially if you are a first time importer. If you are looking for a Japanese mini truck or any other vehicle to buy, you can have a look at our listing which we regularly update and contain quality and reliable used Japanese mini trucks for you to choose from.

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