3 Types of Power Steering Fluid for Trucks

Power steering fluids sound simple, but there is a lot you need to know about them. This guide will let you know the different types of power steering fluid and the differences between them.

The power steering fluid was invented in1951 but was not implemented immediately. Driving the old trucks that had no power steering was cumbersome and tiring. Today, trucks have power steering, so we need not worry about hard steering wheels as long we use the correct power steering fluid.

This guide looks at three types of power steering fluid to know the right one for your truck if you need to perform refilling. A good power steering will keep your system in good condition and offer you the best driving experience.

Types of Power Steering Fluids

The market offers ATF transmission fluid, synthetic-based and universal power steering fluid. These three have different properties, so choosing the right one for your truck is necessary.

ATF Transmission Fluid

In some trucks, the transmission fluid can serve as power steering fluid. If your truck is on this list, consider using Dexron, Mercon, ATF +4, Type F and other types of transmission fluid for your power steering.

Several trucks made between 1970 and the mid-1990s will comfortably use the transmission fluid. And 1984 to 1989, Volkswagen, built in the US, also uses transmission fluid.

Synthetic-Based Hydraulic Fluid

The Synthetic-based power steering fluid is the best option for you because of its ability to flow smoothly under low temperatures. It reduces friction to enable your power steering to work smoothly. The smooth operation gives your system a long life span.

Most Japanese and European truck requires a unique transmission fluid with specific recommendations. The most preferred one is the high-performance synthetic fluids that meet ISO 7308 and DIN 51524T3 standards. Most Japanese truck makers require their customers to use power steering fluid that meets these standards.

The German-made trucks also use the power steering fluid with these specifications. The power steering fluid varies depending on the year and the model of your truck.

Universal Power Steering Fluid

The universal power steering fluid works with any power steering system. This type of power steering fluid is not selective and will suit your truck perfectly despite its brand, year of manufacture and model. It has special additives that offer various benefits. For example, the universal power steering fluids enable your system to work better by reducing friction between its components. It has properties that will allow it to seal leakages that might exist in the power steering system, prevent corrosion and reduce the rate at which the system wears out.

However, it is necessary to check the chemical compatibility of universal fluid before using it in your system. Ensure that these properties are matching for it to assist your system.


Various reasons, such as leakages, will compel you to change your power steering fluid. This guide has discussed three types of power steering fluid. Before buying any, take time to know the available options, and you can consult your mechanic for further assistance on the best one for your truck.

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