Truck Tires Wear Out On One Side – What Is The Problem?

When you use your truck more often, the tires will wear out, and there will be a need to replace them. As you remove the old tire, you should examine the tire you are removing. Check the pattern of its wearing out. A tire should have a uniform wear out, but if it does not wear out uniformly, there might be a problem with your truck, not the tire itself. Let us focus on the issue of truck tires wear out on one side and what might cause it.

Choosing the Wrong Tire

Always ensure you choose the right tire for the right job and driving terrain. It will help to consider your driving terrain and the tread when buying a tire. If you have highway tires, but you run more off-road, or in case you have the wrong tread design, your tire is likely to wear out on one side. Wrong tire choice not only causes uneven tire wearing but can also interfere with the rate at which your truck consumes fuel. It is necessary to have highway tires, off-road tires, and winter tires. A variety will ease your time as all you will do is change depending on where you intend to drive.

Under-inflating Tires

The leading cause of tires wearing out on the side is either over or under-inflating the tires. If you never inflate your tires correctly, they will wear on the shoulders, and their side walls will be fragile. An underinflated tire also reduces your mileage. If you want to increase the lifestyle of your tires, ensure you give them the correct air pressure. 

Road Debris

Road debris like nails, broken glasses, gravel, and other objects on the road can cause the wearing of the side of tires. If you regularly drive on roads full of debris. Always check your tires and remove any foreign object stuck on them to prevent this. If your tire has a puncture, consider sealing it. It is necessary to be careful of where you drive. If you realize where you want to go is full of debris, checking if the garbage can damage your tires is essential.

Poor Wheel Alignment

Poor wheel alignment causes tires to wear on one side. If you realize that your tire is wearing out on one side, check if your alignment is straight. If your alignment is improper, your wheels might be pointing inwards or outwards, and they feel more pressure on one side. In such a scenario, consult your mechanic to do alignment by adjusting the axles and the suspension. 

Mechanical Issues

Uneven wheel alignment is a sign that your truck has mechanical problems. Loose wheel bearings, broken suspension components, worn-out ball joints, damaged tire rods, or bent axles are some of the mechanical issues that can make your wheels wear out on one side. In case of this, perform a thorough truck diagnosis to determine the cause. 


Sometimes it is common for tires to wear out on one side. Do your truck tires wear out on one side? If it happens, the above are the possible causes. 

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