Truck Services that Will Boost Fuel Economy

If your truck consumes more fuel, stop wasting money at various filling stations and do some maintenance and servicing. There are a number of known ways that can help you achieve better fuel efficiency. In this guide, we will go through some ways to boost fuel economy which will help reduce fuel consumption. Let us look at these services.

Truck Services that Will Boost Fuel Economy

Here are some of the services that will help you to boost the fuel economy of your truck.

Change the Engine Oil More Often

The engine oil lubricates the engine, enabling the moving parts to move freely without rubbing against each other. New and clean oil improves the performance of your engine, and an improved engine performance reduces the rate of fuel consumption. As oil lubricates your engine, it gets exhausted and contaminated, and its efficiency decreases. Inefficient engine oil reduces your engine’s performance, making it consume more fuel. To maintain your engine performance, consider changing the engine oil more often per the manufacturer’s guide. 

Service the Fuel Injector Regularly

The fuel injectors deliver fuel into the combustion chamber in controlled quantities. It injects the right amount of fuel at a specific angle and at the right time. With time the injectors become clogged, and if such happens, your truck will likely consume more fuel, the combustion chambers will receive too much or less fuel, and the engine might misfire. 

Always service the fuel injection whenever you perform the general engine service. Doing this will improve fuel delivery into the combustion chambers. 

Check the Tire pressure.

Adequate tire pressure increases fuel economy. Riding a bike with no tire pressure is challenging compared to riding a bike with sufficient pressure. The same concept applies to trucks. Driving a truck with depleted tires strains the engine to burn more fuel to produce energy. It is easy to fix a low tire pressure once you know the required pressure for your tires. 

Service Regularly the Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter treats the harmful carbon monoxide into eco-friendly emissions such as hydrogen. Initially, truck owners removed the catalytic converters to improve fuel efficiency and horsepower. But, the new catalytic converters increase the fuel economy. A failing catalytic converter impacts oxygen sensors which reduces fuel economy. If your catalytic converter is not functioning or was stolen, consider replacing or servicing it. 

Replace Malfunctioned Oxygen Sensors

The oxygen is necessary for burning fuel in the combustion chamber. For effective combustion to take place, there must be a balanced air ratio.

When oxygen is less, the other gases will come out through the exhaust, and combustion will likely not happen. Such a condition is gas waste.

When there is too much oxygen, the engine might develop performance issues leading to increased fuel consumption.

The oxygen sensor determines the correct quantity of fuel to send to the combustion chamber to achieve the proper oxygen to fuel mixture. Ensure you replace the oxygen sensor if it is not correctly functioning. Doing this improves fuel efficiency. 


The standard fuel consumption of a truck depends on the number of cylinders and the displacement capacity of the engine, abbreviated as CC. More cylinders will require more fuel to burn if you note that your fuel consumption is becoming abnormal. Check if all the wheels have adequate pressure and if other engine components such as oil and oxygen sensors are in the proper condition.

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