Truck Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

Do you know that there are truck repairs you should never do yourself? A truck has several complex parts, in new generations, most of these parts are controlled digitally. As a driver, it is essential to check some parts to be sure they are working before driving your truck. Thus, every truck owner must know basic truck repair and maintenance, such as changing tires and checking the liquid levels. 

However, it is extremely risky to perform some truck repairs alone, even though the owner’s manual has guidelines on performing everything. After reading this guide, you will understand the vital truck repairs you should never do yourself.

Truck Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

Here are some complicated truck repairs you should never do yourself.

Adjusting the Timing Belt

The timing belt does the role of synchronizing the movement of the crankshafts and camshafts. It regulates oil intake, the opening and closing of valves to sync with the piston movement. It is not easy to change the timing belt since you will have to dismantle the entire engine, which reassembling is not an easy task. When adjusting the timing belt, the slightest mistake can harm your engine. It is, therefore, necessary to let only the technicians perform the role.

The Suspension System

A standard suspension usually has various control arms, bushings, coil springs, and shock absorbers. Its primary role is to absorb the road vibrations and offers a smooth ride as you drive through various terrains. Every wheel of your truck is attached to the suspension system. Never change any part of your truck’s suspension system, such as the coil spring and shock absorber, because you might not fix them properly, which can lead to an accident. When repairing the suspension system, you must raise your truck, which can lead to accidents if not well done. 

Body Painting

Sometimes when your truck has scratches or a layer of paint has peeled off, you might be tempted to repair it using the available kits in the market. Doing this might not help in restoring the original look of your truck. Applying paint is expensive and takes time and patience. If you decide to do it, you might spoil the exterior of your truck. Consider taking your truck to the mechanics with the right spraying guns to do the job for you.

The Air Conditioning System

All trucks have an air conditioning system that has various parts. The working principle of the AC is complex since it has mechanical and electrical parts. However, several do-it-yourself videos and booklets will guide you on how to repair the AC. Do not do it alone, as this can damage the compressors and cause gas leakage. 

Installing the Audio System

Installing the audio system in your truck is not as easy as plugging your home theater into the power system. It involves handling and connecting complicated electrical wiring that needs only an experienced auto electrician. When poorly done can lead to short-circuiting, which is expensive to repair.  


The truck has various mechanical and electrical systems, some are complex, and others are simple. As a truck owner, only perform truck repairs in areas you have experience. If you do not know how to repair the above parts, consult a professional mechanic for assistance. Shared in this guide are some of the truck repairs you should never do yourself. 

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