Best Way Making Your Truck Last Long in Winter

How do you make your truck last long in winter? Winter temperature is usually accompanied by extreme cold, ice and snow. Cool temperatures can lower your gas mileage and also reduce the fuel energy content of the diesel your truck uses. Such changes are because most diesel manufacturers usually change the composition of diesel to make it relatively thicker and gel-like.

Winter can interfere with the performance of your truck, but there are ways of limiting the effects of winter on your diesel truck. Here are some of the tips you can rely on to make your truck endure the winter season.

Making Your Truck Last Long in Winter

Here are some of the best ways that one can make their truck last long in winter season when it is snowy and temperatures are in their extremes.

Use Additives

Diesel fuel has more energy as compared to petrol, and this is the reason why most heavy-duty trucks use diesel-powered engines. But when it is freezing, the rate at which diesel burns go down, and it also loses some energy. 

You can use additives to reduce the rate at which the extreme winter weather interferes with diesel fuel. If you add additives to your diesel, the cetane levels will decrease. Additives, on the other hand, lubricates and protect the fuel injection system.

Your Location

Your location matters a lot when it comes to ensuring your truck endures the winter season. There are areas you will never find winter diesel, especially if such regions that do not experience the acute winter season. 

If you are living in a relatively warm area and you are planning to move to a place that experiences the winter season, consider filling your tank as soon as you start experiencing the winter weather. Doing this will enable you to get the right diesel fuel that suits your truck’s current season, making your truck more fuel efficient. 

Check the Glow Plugs

Glow plugs play a vital role in starting your diesel truck. Sometimes you might experience starting difficulties. In such an event, consider checking your glow plugs. It is essential to check the condition of your glow plugs as soon as the cold temperatures start to show up.  Change the glow pugs if you realize they are becoming faulty and cannot operate efficiently during winter.

Let Your Truck Idle

Letting the truck idle can help contribute towards making your truck last long in winter. Winter season is usually accompanied by various diesel truck issues, such as difficulty starting. When your diesel engine is cold, starting it can give you a headache. 

Diesel engines are relatively different from petrol engines which rely on spark plugs to initiate combustion. For diesel engines, the combustion depends on the compression that generates adequate heat to ignite fuel.

When the temperature goes down, the entire engine will be cold. During winter, your engine will work harder to attain the minimum temperatures to ignite fuel in the combustion chamber. It is essential to leave your engine to warm up before you start driving your truck. Also, fitting the block heater ensures that the engine is warm.


Winter temperatures are challenging. Therefore, preparing your truck before and during the winter season is necessary. When the seasons start changing, it is essential to make adjustments that will let your truck cope with such changes. 

In addition to this guide, tires are necessary for making your truck last long in winter. Consider switching to winter tires. 

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