Truck Is Not Accelerating – How To Fix It

Have you ever experiended a situation when your truck is not accelerating? It can be scary. We will discuss some of the probable causes in this guide. Poor acceleration can be annoying and very dangerous, especially on highways that recommend high speed. When your truck is not accelerating, it is something that you should not take lightly because something serious might be happening in the combustion chamber.

Sometimes you can wonder where to start checking when your truck is not accelerating. Worry no more since this guide will let you know some of the common reasons why your truck will not be able to accelerate. Let’s first check some of the possible causes.

Why Your Truck Is Not Accelerating

A faulty throttle body is a common reason your truck will not accelerate. But there are some other underlying reasons which might lead to this.

Dirty/Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor

The lean air-fuel mixture is another common reason why your truck may not accelerate. The mass air flow sensor measures the amount of air that enters the engine. On the other hand, the engine control unit will calculate the fuel needed in the combustion chamber.

The mass air flow sensor usually gets dirty and won’t allow adequate air into the combustion chamber. In such a scenario, your truck will not accelerate.

Blocked Fuel Filter

The fuel filter ensures that fuel gets into the combustion and is free from any debris that might damage the engine’s sensitive parts. When the fuel filter is blocked, the combustion chamber will not receive adequate fuel, so your truck will not accelerate.

Blocked Air-Filter

The air filter ensures that no dirt gets into the combustion chamber. It gets blocked as it traps debris. When this happens, your engine will not receive adequate oxygen to mix and burn the available fuel. You will experience acceleration issues.

Faulty Throttle Body Valve

A flap opens to allow more air to flow into the engine whenever you press the acceleration pedal. It is called the throttle body valve. When the throttle body valve has problems, it may not be fully open, and you will have acceleration issues.

How to Diagnose When a Truck Is Not Accelerating

  1. You need to check for trouble codes by connecting an OBD2 scanner. If you find any trouble code, continue troubleshooting with it. If you do not find any trouble codes, continue troubleshooting.
  2. Have somebody accelerate your truck as you check the live data from the diagnostic tool. As your truck is accelerating, check the airflow and turbo pressure. As you check all the values, continue to troubleshoot the sensors.
  3. Check the MAF air flow sensor, and if it is clogged, consider replacing it.
  4. Use a pressure meter to check the fuel pressure. If the pressure is low, consider replacing your fuel pump.
  5. Use an EVAP smoke machine to check for any leaks and repair them.
  6. Check the spark plugs and the ignition coils and replace them if they are in bad condition.
  7. Check the camshaft timing and replace or correct it if faulty.


The acceleration problem can cause harm to you and other road users. If your truck fails to accelerate, seek help as soon as possible. It is recommended to seek towing services and have it checked by a mechanic.

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