Truck Fail To Start When Cold – Causes & Solutions

What could the cause when the truck fail to start when it is cold? Cold weather causes havoc to your batteries, fuel system, starter motors, alternator, oil, and carburetor. Sometimes the truck fail to start when it is cold. It is necessary to know the reasons and what you can do to solve them. First, it is essential to look at the common cause when the truck fail to start.

Truck Fail To Start When Cold – Solutions

Here are some of the things to look at when the truck fail to start.

Truck Battery Problems

If your truck cannot start in cold weather, the possible cause might be your battery. To determine that it is your battery, you will hear a faint whining sound when you turn your key in the ignition, and the starter motor will not turn over.

Sometimes your battery can be completely drained out, or the cables to your battery might be loose.

If you do not have time, jump-starting your truck will help you. However, you will need another vehicle and jump cables.

You can replace your battery. When doing this, consider buying a battery that fits your truck well.

Truck Battery Maintenance Tips During Cold Weather

The cold weather interferes with the chemical processes that produce and store energy in the cells of your battery, which slowly damages your battery, making it unable to hold a charge.

When you rarely use your truck, it is healthy to charge its battery at least once a week.

Consider replacing your battery as soon as it cannot hold power.

Truck Alternator Problems

The alternator is an electrical generator that charges your battery as your truck moves. When you jump-start your truck, and the engine dies immediately, your alternator could be faulty. You will also realize that the headlight and dashboard lights are flickering, and the truck’s gauge is jerking.

Solution of a Faulty Alternator

The location of the alternator between the battery and the engine makes it a bit tricky to fix and requires mechanical skill. You can buy a new alternator or condition the existing one.

Starter Motor Problems

The starter motor jolts the truck engine into life by using the electricity from the battery. When it is cold, the starter motor will not be able to operate smoothly. If the starter motor is affected by cold, you will hear a clicking sound when you turn your key in the ignition.

Solution for a Starter Motor Problems

Replacing a starter motor is a task that only professionals can perform. You have to buy a new one, remove the faulty starter motor and fix the new one.

The Truck Fuel System Problems

The fuel system can be contaminated with water, and cold weather will likely make this water freeze. When this happens, your engine will not be able to start. It might shutter or even jerk.

Solution for The Truck Fuel System Problems

If there are water traces in your fuel lines, consult a professional to flush them out.

You can use some additives that hold water into suspension and passes it through the exhaust.


Cold weather can adversely affect your truck and make you experience difficulties, especially during starting. This guide has explained why your truck might not start in cold weather and how you can solve them.

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