Must-Have Tools For Truck Emergencies

Being stuck in the middle of nowhere due to a flat tire or dead battery is one of the emergencies that is an annoying experience that no one wishes to go through. However, such scenarios will always keep you armed with the necessary tools to repair your truck during emergencies. But which kind of emergency tools do you need? After reading this guide, you will be able to know some of the basic tools that can aid you during an emergency breakdown.


A toolkit is a necessity that should never miss in your truck. It has screwdrivers of various sizes that can help you remove hubcaps, a lug wrench, and a jack for replacing a flat tire and checking under your truck. A fully equipped toolkit has pliers, antifreeze, a pocketknife, and duct tape.

Spare Tire

Before driving your truck, consider checking if it has a spare tire ready for use anytime. If you have a portable tire inflator can be an added advantage during an emergency. The inflators will temporarily seal and inflate your tire and let you drive to the nearest repair. A spare tire will let you drive for a longer distance before taking your tire for repair.

First Aid Kit

A first Aid kit comes in handy in case of a minor accident. The kit should have bandages, antiseptic sprays, adhesive tapes, gauze, antibiotic ointments, cotton swabs, and painkillers. It should have basic surgical items like a scissor and a thermometer. 

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables come in handy when your battery goes off, and you find a driver willing to help you jumpstart your truck. The jumper cables will help you connect your battery to the battery of the other truck for jumpstarting.

Cut – Resistance Gloves

Your repair tool kit should always take advantage of a hard glove that lets you break glass windows without hurting yourself. Such gloves have cut-resistance materials that can help you shatter a window in an emergency. 

Cut-resistance gloves are also essential when performing minor truck repairs or assisting an injured passenger.

An Extra Phone

Besides having a fully charged phone, consider leaving with an extra charger to charge your phone if it goes off. An extra phone comes in handy when your phone is dead and you need to communicate urgently.

Water and Snacks

These might not help you repair your truck, but they will help improve your situation and give you the energy to help you survive when stranded in an unfamiliar area. If any of your passengers have a medical condition like diabetes, snacks and water will come in handy. 

Warning Triangles

When your truck stalls on a busy highway or a rural road, it might be challenging for other road users to spot you. The warning triangles will warn other drivers that your truck is having mechanical issues and they should approach with caution.


Trucks, just like other vehicles, can breakdown anywhere. When this happens, you will need one or two pieces of equipment to repair it. Apart from the necessary tools, having food and a blanket is necessary since you never know when you might need them. The above are necessities that you should have before going for a drive.

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