Troubleshooting Fuel Pump Issues in a Mini Truck

Mini trucks are fantastic small vehicles. They will innocently and loyally serve all your needs. As they serve you, they will only demand a little from you. Proper servicing and little fuel are just enough for them. These vehicles will realize the returns on investment very fast in case you use them to run businesses. In this guide, we will be looking at ways of troubleshooting fuel pump issues in a mini truck.

The mini trucks will likely experience fuel pump problems after a while in use. When you realize your Kei truck is becoming less powerful, it stops while in motion and becomes hard to start. The fuel pump is likely to be faulty. When the fuel pump is faulty, you are supposed to repair or replace it in time for your mini truck not to develop other significant problems.

Troubleshooting Fuel Pump Issues in a Mini Truck

Most engine parts share similar symptoms when faulty. This article will help you identify the issue related to the fuel pump of your mini truck. The below tests will enable you to troubleshoot the problems and fix them.

Perform the Preliminary Checks 

You must perform a general check-up for your mini truck before concluding that the fuel pump is faulty. Check the following.

  • Check if there is Adequate fuel in the tank.
  • Listen to the swishing sound produced by your fuel tank when you turn on the Engine.
  • Check whether the timing belt is in good condition, which is not very loose.
  • Check if the fuel filter is not clogged or not.

After performing the following general checks, you can start the process of troubleshooting. 

  1. If the Engine goes Off After Running for a Short Time

When the Engine of your mini truck runs for a short time and goes off and refuses to start until it cools, do the following.

  • Remove the hoodie and the spark plug wire.
  • For safety, use insulated pliers to hold the spark plug wire.
  • Attach the tip of the wire to any metallic part of the Engine.
  • Ignite the Engine. If it does not spark, then there might be a problem with the ignition coil. In case it sparks, then the fuel pump is faulty. 
  1. Perform the Fuel System Pressure

If the fuel pump is not functioning correctly, perform the fuel system pressure to determine where the problem is. You will require a fuel pressure gauge to do this. Perform the following.

Some system pressure has a test port valve. Cover this valve with a rag to prevent any fuel from spilling. If your system does not have the port valve, remove the fuel pump fuse and the Engine. You can insert the fuel pump fuse if it goes off due to a lack of fuel.

Join the fuel pressure gauge to the Schrader valve in the test port, put on your Engine, and observe it as it idles. As this happens, compare the fuel pressure from the fuel gauge and that on your manual. 


It is pretty tricky to diagnose issues related to the fuel pump because they are similar to other engine problems. The guide has provided some common problems you will likely experience with your fuel pump.

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