Troubleshooting Faulty Radiator Fan Easily In A Truck

Are you looking for a way on troubleshooting faulty radiator in your truck? Your engine must not overheat if you want it to give better services and a long lifespan. The cooling system in your engine helps maintain room temperature for your engine’s proper functioning. The cooling system has various parts which enable it to perform its role of cooling the engine. It has coolant, a radiator fan that blows cool air through the radiator to transfer heat to prevent the engine from overheating. If the radiator fan fails to work, your engine is at risk, and should you should fix it as fast as possible.

Troubleshooting Faulty Radiator Fan In A Truck

A failing radiator can completely ruin the way your engine. The radiator fan in a truck is an essential part of the engine cooling system. As your engine is running, the combustion and friction generate heat, and the heat increases the temperature of the entire engine.

The heat needs to be cooled down for the engine to function effectively. The radiator fan is between the engine and the radiator. It plays the role of blowing air to cool down the hot water and other coolants which are flowing within the radiator. To understand how to go about troubleshooting faulty radiator systems, we must look at what causes these issues.

Causes of Radiator not Functioning Properly

Bad Fuse

The fuse can either fall off or blow. It is a common issue that causes the radiator fun not to function correctly. Check the manufacturer’s manual to locate the fuse and its physical appearance in such a situation. You have to replace a faulty radiator fan fuse. 

It is worth noting that if any electrical part of the truck is not working, check the fuse first.

Dead Wires

If you note that your engine is heating up, but the radiator fan is not functioning, faulty wires might cause all this. To troubleshoot this, unplug both the positive and the negative cables. In a standard direct current set-up, the wire must have an output of 12v. To know this, use a voltmeter to check if there is current in the cables. If there is no current, consider replacing the wires.

A Broken Fan Clutch

The fan clutch attaches the radiator fan to the engine and ensures it works. The fan will not be able to work if the fan clutch is broken. The usual wear and tear are responsible for causing this. If your fan is not running and you cannot find any other issue, the clutch might be the culprit.

Low Coolant Levels

The radiator fan can fail to function if the level of the coolant goes down. In such a scenario, consider checking the coolant level in the reservoir. If it is low, consider refilling it.

Checking the levels of the radiator fans is one of the essential maintenance tips you should consider doing for your cooling system to run smoothly. 


The fundamental component of the cooling system is the radiator fan. This part should be in optimum working condition to keep blowing off heat from the coolant. This guide provides some tips on how you can troubleshoot a faulty radiator fan.  

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