Tricks Of Importing Japanese Mini Vans Without Spending much

Getting a good vehicle in this era has become trickier than ever before. The sky high costs and the many scams has made it harder requiring the buyers to do more than just the usual to get a good vehicle that can be relied on for performance. Second hand vehicles have however become a favorable option for many of us

Getting the vehicle from your local car dealer has some good thing to consider, but importing it from Japan is even much better. Importing from Japan has a number of things which you can’t find when buying from your local dealership.

This guide will take you through some of the most important things that make importing from Japan a good option. This is what makes used Japanese cars lovable across the globe.


the high pricing of some things is what freaks most of us and it doesn’t seem to be coming down soon. Among the saddest things today is that vehicles have become so expensive. However, while your car dealer is hiking the vehicle prices making it hard for you to find a good vehicle at an affordable cost, Japan has plenty of them in stock which will surely fit your budget. The Japanese auto industry is among the world’s leading carmakers and Japanese government also imposes higher taxes older vehicles leaving owners no choice but to sell the vehicles that are getting old and get new ones that are cheaper to run. So as the vehicle gets older, owners opt to sell them for a lower price so as to replace with a newer one that will not cost them much to maintain. If you don’t mind getting a pre-owned vehicle that is still in perfect shape and reliable condition, then you should consider importing these vehicles.

Japan is also known to be the among countries with the world’s biggest car auction houses which auctions a bazillion number of vehicles regularly. Regardless of your budget, you can get a vehicle easily through the Japanese car auctions without having to be physically present. If you want to get a vehicle from the Japanese auctions, then get in touch with us and we will help you find that dream vehicle that you need. Importing the vehicle on your own will let you save a lot as the local dealer is always up to make a lot of profit.

It Is Easier Than You Think To Import

Most of us have been made to believe that importing a vehicle from another country is a complicated and a process that will take a lot of time. While it takes time, it shouldn’t be more than a few weeks and the fact that you are also getting a high quality vehicle is worth the wait.

The process involved in the imputation process is an easy one that involves a little paperwork and little time spent on clearing. To give you an idea of what to expect, you will go through the import authorities where toy are expected to file for an “Entry” so that you get the permit to import the vehicle from another country. Next you will have to clear and ensure that the vehicle meets the state requirements before importing it. The rest is all about shipping and then clearing at your state port which shouldn’t take time although may attract minimal clearance fees. If you are not available to clear then you can hire a clearance broker to get everything done for you.

We at Substar, we usually help our customers avoid the hassles of shipping and we do it for them and deliver the vehicle at their destination port.

Japanese Used Cars Are Of Top Notch Quality And Performance

Over a very long time, Japanese automakers have dominated the global auto industry and produced a lot of cars that have demonstrated excellent performance, durability and quality. whether you are buying a mini truck, minivan, pickups, a sedan or any other, Japan has plenty to offer. They have been carefully designed under one of the highest engineering technologies and time has proven this. You can therefore get any of these vehicles as long as it is in good shape.

We all want to get durable hard-bodied vehicles that will go a long way and that is what you are getting here. These Japanese vehicles are engineered for durability and performance regardless of the condition of the road. Besides their high performance and quality services that they deliver, you will also love the fact that they are easy to maintain and are cost efficient. They have also stood out as one of the most economical vehicles that you will find in the market today. To put it in perspective and simply, they are exceptional vehicles worth buying.

Working With Substar

It is always important to consider the seller of the vehicle you are buying and with us, you will never have any regrets. We’ve worked with customers from lots of countries from every continent and given them the best mini truck, minivan and other vehicles that they need. Our customers come first and we always make sure that they are satisfied with what we give them.

All of the cars, mini truck and mini vans in our listing are vetted and tested by highly skilled professionals to ensure that they are faultless and offer top notch performance as described. You will come across dozens of sellers but the big question that you should be asking yourself is whether they will deliver top quality cars that you will love.

Final Word:

Japanese vehicles have become very common in many corners of the world and there is no doubt that buying one of these vehicles will be one of your best decisions. The high performance, quality and reliability that come with them will give you every reason to consider importing your vehicle from Japan. And the steps of importing are very easy also.

If you would like to get a high quality Japanese mini truck, sedan, mini van that lives up to your expectations then you should be considering importing it from Japan. You can also check out some of the vehicles in our listing page and see if you can find one that fits your expectations. Whether you are in the United States, Australia, UK or Canada we will help you ship your vehicle from Japan. Whichever vehicle that you are looking for, we are here to help you find it for the best possible price.