Car Tire Safety Tips & Maintenance

In this guide, you shall learn tire safety tips and maintenance. Tires are an essential part of a car, and the tires anchor the entire weight of your car. It is also the part that is in constant contact with the road. It is thus essential to ensure that your tires are in perfect working condition.

Tire Wear

Tires have a lifespan, which can be affected by poor maintenance that can lead to tire blowouts or even flat tires. It is thus essential to perform a regular visual tire inspection to ensure tire safety. During this process, watch out for the below signs.

Over Inflation

Too much pressure in the tires indicates that the middle part of the tires comes into contact with the road. The central tread thus wears out very fast compared to the edges of your tire.

Under Inflation

When there is inadequate air pressure, the edges of your tires will come into contact with the road. More wear will be on the edges of your tires.

Tread Wear on a Single Edge

A tread wear on a single edge indicates poor wheel alignment.

Inconsistent Tread Wear

Did you know that something as simple as tire treads can improve tire safety? Uneven wear is called cupping, indicates a poor balance, and calls for replacing your suspension system.

When Driving, Watch Out For These Signs.

A Sideways Pull

Driving constantly and feeling your car pulling on one side indicates underinflation and bad wheel alignment.

Thumping Noises or Vibrations

When driving and feeling vibration, your tires might be poorly balanced, or the treads might be flat on a section of the tires. 

How To Check Tire Pressure

  • Locate the valve cap on your wheel and remove it.
  • Put the gauge over the valve stream of your tire and press it until you don’t feel any escaping air.
  • Make necessary adjustments when you feel the pressure is low or high. 
  • Place the tire valve cap back.
  • Perform this procedure on all your tires.

Tire Maintenance

There are various maintenance procedures you can perform on your tires. All these should be done by a professional since it involves special skills. These are the essential activities involved in tire maintenance.

Tire Rotation

Any vehicle’s rear and front tires do not operate identically due to their precise braking and steering functions. The wearing patterns of the wheels of your vehicle will never be similar.

It is thus essential to perform tire rotation for maximum lifespan and performance. Consider performing tire rotation after covering at most 7,000 miles.

Tire Balancing

Tire balancing will reduce uneven tire wear and increase your car’s life span and performance. Well-balanced tires do not vibrate when turning. It is essential to perform tire balancing whenever you remove your tires for minor and major repairs. 


Tires are the foundation of your car. When the foundation is poor, you will experience many issues with your car. It is thus essential to know some of the visible signs of tire wear and the signs you will experience when driving. When buying new tires, consider checking their expiry date and always install the right tire for the season. 

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