6 Symptoms of Bad Brake Pads In Your Truck

Brake pads are very important in every vehicle. It is responsible for the braking; without them, things might not go as planned. What exactly happens when you have bad brake pads? As a truck owner, brakes are lifesavers, enabling you to control your truck and stop when necessary. Consider taking care of them to be practical and functional when driving. 

Symptoms of Bad Brake Pads

The brake pad is part of the braking system that feels the most stress, wears out, and needs a replacement more often. When you have bad brake pads, your truck will show some signs such as those discussed below. 

Squealing Sounds

When your brake pads are worn-out and their useful life is ending, you will hear a squealing sound whenever you press the brake pedal. The sound usually results from an utterly worn-out brake pad. Upon witnessing this sound, consider replacing your brake pads immediately.

Vibration When Braking

When you feel vibrations on the steering wheel or your truck, whenever you press the brake pedals is an indication that your rotors are no longer smooth but groovy. The brake rotor becomes damaged when it touches the metallic part of the worn-out brake pads. In such a scenario, consider checking the condition of your brake pads.

Your Truck Does Not Stop Instantly

When your brake fails to perform effectively is an indication that your brake pads are worn-out. If you press the brake pedal, but your truck is not responding appropriately, consider checking the condition of your brake pads. Ignoring this can lead to avoidable accidents and excessive damage to other brake parts.

Thin Brake Pads

Depending on the type of rims, you can easily spot the brake pads without removing your wheels. The part of the brake pad that comes into contact with the rotor is made of a special material that gradually wears out. As you apply brakes, this part rubs against the rotor and eventually becomes small. When you note that your brake pads are becoming small, consider replacing them.

The appearance of the Brake Check Light

Modern trucks have several sensors that detect how every part of your truck functions. If any malfunctions, the sensors will detect and inform you by turning on the check light on the dashboard. 

When your brake pads become faulty, the brake sensor will detect and send the signal to the ECU that will alert you by turning on the brake check light. If you see this light, the first part of the brake you should check is the brake pads. If they are worn out, replace them.

Grinding Sound

When you press the brake pedal and feel a grinding sound from your truck is a sign that your brake pads need a replacement as soon as possible. Some brake pads have metal wear indicators that are loud to alert you that they are worn out and that you should replace them. 

Never take the grinding sound for granted, as it can lead to further damage that can be costly.


The brake pad is part of the braking system that experiences much pressure from inside and outside. From outside, the calipers press it, and from inside, it presses the rotor. Check and replace your brake pads if you note any of these signs. 

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