Suzuki Mini Truck Lift Kit and Suspension

Suzuki mini truck is a workhorse produced by the Suzuki automakers. This mini truck has an engine capacity of 660cc. This small engine is inversely proportional to what it does. Suzuki mini truck has varied uses, such as towing. It has firm suspension and good ground clearance. However, you might be interested in increasing the ground clearance for your mini truck. Here, we go deeper into the Suzuki mini truck lift kit and suspension works.

Suzuki Mini Truck Lift Kit and Suspension

You can decide and slightly lift your Suzuki Mini truck. You will have to use a lift kit and suspension to do this. The height your mini truck will attain will depend on the kind of suspension kit you have chosen. The main benefit of using the body kits to lift your mini truck is increasing the driving quality. On the other hand, the suspension kit will take your mini truck as high as you wish.

Importance of Increasing the Height of Your Car

Several reasons might compel you to increase the height of your vehicle. Doing this has some benefits.

You will Be Able to Drive on More Rugged Terrain.

Lifting your vehicle will enable it easily maneuver through rugged terrains such as rivers and climbing rocky hills. Increased traction control will enable your vehicle to handle rugged terrain.

Improved Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is the space between the road and under the vehicle. In lifted vehicles, this space is vast, making them the best option to drive on bad roads.

Lifted Vehicles are Comfortable

The suspension kits offer the necessary space to distribute the load weight evenly. A lifted vehicle is very comfortable when driving on bad roads when loaded.

Improved Visibility

The higher sitting positions give the driver a better view of the road. Spotting potholes and avoiding them becomes easy.

Ability to Fix Bigger Tires

Bigger tires are good because they increase the general performance of a vehicle. Apart from performance, big tires will improve the looks of your vehicle.

Safer Driving

You will have a clear and broader view of the road, and the dangerous obstacles will pass below your vehicle without damaging the lower parts of the vehicle. Lifted vehicles quickly pass bumps.

Three Ways to Lift Your Vehicle.

Buy Bigger Tires

Buying and installing big tires is the easiest way of increasing the ground clearance of your vehicle. Oversized tires will automatically lift your vehicle a few inches from the ground.

Fix Coil Spacers

The spacers are specially designed rubbers that occupy the spaces between the spring suspensions. They reduce the coils’ contraction and expansion, thereby increasing the ground clearance by some inches.

Buy Suspension Lift Kit

The kit will significantly lift your vehicle several inches from the ground and allow you to drive over obstacles smoothly.


Several factors can make you lift your Suzuki mini truck. Lifting a four-wheel-drive Suzuki mini truck will deliver a better result. This guide has touched on the importance of lifting your vehicle and the three popular ways of lifting your mini truck. To lift your mini truck, consult a professional mechanic.

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