Suzuki Carry Oil Filter – How to Choose The Right Oil Filter

Suzuki Carry mini trucks are suitable for daily activities. Their engine has moving parts, and they require oil which performs various functions in the engine, such as lubricating and cooling the engine. The engine is very delicate and can easily break down if it comes into contact with impurities. It is hard to tell whether the preferred oil for your Suzuki Carry, is 100% pure or not. The benefit of the doubt that comes with engine oil has made various automakers fit their vehicles with oil filters. The oil filter prevents impurities from the oil from reaching and damaging your engine. With time the oil filters wear out and need to be replaced. Here, we will go through how to find the right Suzuki Carry oil filter.

How To Choose the Right Suzuki Carry Oil Filter

This guide discusses the four primary factors to consider when choosing the right oil filter for your Suzuki Carry mini truck.

Quality of the Oil Filter

There are various qualities of oil filters in the market. Good quality filters will give you a more extended service, while bad quality ones will wear out as soon you fix them. The best oil filters are generally strong and cannot quickly explode due to pressure from oil. Under the quality, there is that oil filter referred to as a high capture efficiency which can capture more microns.

The Size and its ability to Capture Dirt

Some small particles pass through the vehicles’ air filter and eventually find their way into the engine oil. Good oil filters should be able to trap at least 95% of these tiny particles. When the oil passes through the filter, it should be able to trap 95% of the impurities at 40 microns. Many impurities on the road, such as dust, are very tiny compared to 25 microns. Therefore the premium oil filter will capture and prevent them from reaching the engine.

Ability to Hold Dirt

The oil filter has a bypass valve which is triggered when the filter has a lot of dirt. Once triggered, it will force the oil to pass through the filter to the engine. The ability of the oil filter to hold dirt will determine how long it will take to trigger the bypass valve. Oil filters that can hold dirt for long are good, especially when driving on dusty terrain.

Pressure–Flow Capability

As the impurities accumulate on your oil filter, the oil gauge will indicate the rising pressure, which will trigger the bypass valve to reduce the pressure built up. 10 to 12 pressure differentials trigger the bypass valve, allowing oil flow. The pressure-flow profile might not exist in aftermarket oil filters, but this should not worry you because the oil filters perform within their required limits.


Dirt particles are hazardous to the engine. Some are very tiny that our eyes cannot see. They can damage the cylinders and bearings if they get into the engine. A damaged engine is costly to fix. The oil filter ensures that dirt does not reach the engine by trapping them.

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