Suzuki Carry Mini Kei Truck

The Suzuki Carry Mini Kei Truck is celebrating 60 years of being manufactured this year. It is one of the most popular of Mini Kei Trucks on the market. Why is this vehicle so popular? We feel that the Suzuki Carry mini truck is popular because of its indoor space, loading performance, safety equipment, driving experience, and additional features. Read on to find out more information about each area.

Suzuki Carry Mini Truck shown in a farm field.

Two Available options

While there are several packages available for the Suzuki Carry Mini Truck, there are two basic options which are offered. These two are the Suzuki Carry and the Suzuki Super Carry Mini Truck. Aesthetically, they are similar. Yet, there is a tremendous difference between the cabin space of the two. In the Carry, you have a single passenger and driver option only. On the Super Carry, the cabin is extended to allow for additional space or for additional passengers. The bed of the Suzuki Carry Mini Truck is shorter than that of the Super Carry, but not by much. The fundamental difference is the interior space.

A ton of interior space for a Kei

Usually, when you purchase a Kei truck, there has to be a specific focus on the interior space. Some models limit the amount of cabin space for the truck, hoping that the desire to keep with traditional design features will counter the limited space. Where you find that the space is limited in the first and second generations of the Suzuki Carry Mini Truck, the newer generations do not have this limitation.

The interior of the Suzuki Carry Truck has a carpet riser to allow for texturing of the room. The seat can move forward and back to allow for all profiles of all sizes to fit comfortably. If you need to relax in the truck, the 40ᵒ on driver’s side and 24ᵒ laybacks on the passenger side are a welcome feature. Height in the interior space ceiling allows for most people to sit comfortably, even when wearing a hard hat.

Loading Capabilities of the Suzuki Carry Mini Truck

The flatbed of the Suzuki Carry Mini Truck is much like that of other models. The bed extends 2030mm from the back of the cabin with a width of 1,410mm. It is the number one truck on low loading bed surfaces, allowing quick and easy loading and unloading of heavy cargo. According to Suzuki, the truck can easily load 54-60 milk crate size containers. Need a little more room? Do not worry, the sides of the Suzuki Carry Mini Truck fold down to allow for either quicker loading or for loading irregularly sized objects with ease. The clearance from the top of the tailgate to the ground is 650 mm, more space for a mini truck.

Remember when loading your truck to disperse the material. While the truck has great driving performance, loading the Kei truck unevenly can cause it to tip and wobble. This is standard for any truck of this size. Although equipped with safety features, safety procedures should be observed.

A Suzuki Carry Mini Truck being loaded.

Built in Safety Features

They focus the overall design of the Suzuki Carry Mini Truck on the safety of the passengers and of those around you. First, the windshield on the truck is maximized so that you have a clear view of the road. When coupled with the large driver and passenger windows, the driver has a panoramic view of their surroundings. Second, the seat design is made to provide comfort and ease fatigue. This is accomplished by having the pedals within proximity, encouraging proper posture and operability. Third, the dash of the Suzuki Carry Mini Truck is equipped with easy-to-read layouts. This minimizes the risk of injury due to misinterpreted information.

Depending upon the package that you choose, you may also have the option of lane departure warning, wobble alarm function, advance car start notification, and high beam assist. Choose the best package to increase your driving experience.

Driving performance of the Suzuki Carry Mini Truck

Equipping the Suzuki Carry Mini Truck is an R06A Engine with a variable valve timing. This gives an obtainable stable torque in the low and medium speed range. They equip new generation models with a 5-speed auto gear shift. Older models have a 3 to 4 gear manual transmission. It is possible to use a 2-speed smart mode and normal mode. Keep in mind that you will need to consider your loading and road conditions before engaging the 2nd speed smart model.

Streamlining the vehicle, allowing for faster speeds while maximizing the safety of the vehicle is the high-tensile construction. Coupled with the drivetrain, a Suzuki Carry can get anywhere from 14.2km/L up to 17.12, depending on whether you have 2WD, 4WD, 5MT or 3AT. You may shift between 2WD and 4WD if you have the selected one-touch drive select feature installed.

Driving the Suzuki Carry Mini Truck is perfect for navigating most roads. When approaching you could climb even the narrowest of hills. Standard climbing capabilities are 23ᵒ. However, this could change slightly depending upon the weight load. Even when fully loaded, the truck supersedes many of the full-size trucks, as they can navigate narrow spaces, accessing areas which would typically prove to be problematic to other vehicles. When select features are added, the driving conditions are vastly improved.

Extra Options

While there are a ton of standard features and packages available, add more modern features to your Suzuki Carry Mini Kei Truck. Some of the features include accessory sockets, air conditioning, CD player or AM/FM radio, power steering, power windows, and power door locks. These features may not be available for older generations. Check with the provider of your Suzuki Carry before purchasing to determine which packages you can use.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons the Suzuki Carry Mini Kei Truck has lasted as the top Kei truck for 60 years.