Suzuki Carry Left Hand Drive

Have you ever walked to the wrong side of your vehicle? As funny as it sounds, this is something that many folks have experienced with the Japanese mini trucks in the US, Canada and any other place that drives on the right hand side. Japanese mini trucks are incredible vehicles, and very few people if any would debate on that. If you are looking for lightweight class of vehicles that can be useful for handy work and deliveries, Japanese mini trucks should come to mind. These vehicles have shown incredible performance and usefulness in many instances. However, the side where the vehicle drives on tends to be a new thing to many people. For instance it is difficult to find a Suzuki Carry left hand drive vehicle.

Ever asked yourself why there are so many Right hand drive Japanese mini trucks. This is simply because these mini trucks are in Japan and their local laws allows left hand driving. So, it would make sense to only drive on the right hand side of the vehicle. So, if you are planning on getting a used Japanese mini truck imported, you shouldn’t be surprised to come and find that it is right hand drive.

Can You Buy Suzuki Carry Left Hand Drive

The fact that most of the vehicles from Japan are right hand drive does not mean that there aren’t those that are left hand drive. It is just that some people do not really see much of a difference and would rather use the vehicle that thy are getting as long as it delivers them the service that they need. However, if your job demands aren’t going to be met with a right hand vehicle, then you must be out there wondering if you could find one. Japanese mini truck automakers also make some mini trucks with right hand configuration which are usually for the export market.

With the US 25 year import rule, these newer vehicles aren’t usually for the US market. Some markets like Philippines use the left hand drive vehicles. This could be the right place to import your Japanese mini truck that meets those standards.

Consider Modification

Although it could be costly, there are people that have considered and configured vehicles from right to left hand drive. This would surely be great especially if your local laws would only permit the use of these vehicles on the road.


Japanese mini trucks are made and intended to be used locally in Japan. This means test they are right hand driven on the left-side of the road. This might not favor users in the US and other countries requiring right hand drive vehicles. Shared above are options that one would consider.

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