Suzuki Carry Gearbox Oil – Considerations To Choose Gearbox Oil

Suzuki Carry is a lightweight vehicle in the class of mini trucks. In Japan, they are called the Kei Trucks. Suzuki carry is famous for its unique features, reliability, affordability, and the power its small engine produces. What kind of gearbox does this mini truck use? It has a manual transmission with either four or five-speed options. Manual gear enthusiasts will find it fun to drive this mini truck. The gearbox itself is just a casing. Inside this casing, several components make it perform the duty of regulating the speed and torque. These components are interconnected, and for them to function smoothly, they need oil. Here, we will go through ways to find Suzuki Carry gearbox oil.

Considerations When Choosing Gearbox Oil

Oil plays a crucial role in the gearbox. It prolongs its life as well as maintains it. This is only possible if you choose the right gearbox. This guide will give tips for choosing gearbox oil for your Suzuki carry.

Physical Properties of the Oil

Gearbox oil has various notable physical properties—the most important one to consider when buying is the thickness of the oil. Many activities take place in the gearbox when your Suzuki Carry is in motion. These activities contribute to tearing and wearing as a result of friction. It is essential to choose thick oil that will not quickly evaporate due to heat and that oil that can withstand high pressure.

Consider The Best Basic Type

Gearbox lubricants are classified into the Anti scuff, compounded, and Rust and Oxidation. Consider compounded gearbox oil to reduce friction as the components of the Suzuki Carry gearbox are running. Compounded oil comprises a percentage of fats that allows it to reduce friction. The antiscuff lubricants have the capability to work under extreme pressure. The addition of sulfur phosphorous allows them to prevent the wearing and tearing of the components of a gearbox.

The rust and oxidation oil are general-purpose lubricants manufactured in different thickness levels. The R & O gearbox box oil mainly prevents breakdowns caused by high temperatures generated when the gearbox components run.

Consider Choosing Mineral Based Oils

This oil is good for your gearbox because of its unique property of high pressure to viscosity coefficients. This makes them efficient in various temperatures. This feature will relieve you from changing the gearbox oil due to temperature changes.


A gearbox is a unit within a car composed of several gears working within a casing. The gearbox performs the role of changing or varying the speed or torque of an automotive. Suzuki Carry mini truck uses a manual transmission system. Speed is how fast a vehicle can move from point A to B. Torque is the energy the engine produces at low speed. Torque is essential for activities like towing. For the components of the gearbox to effectively function, they need oil to lubricate them and act as a coolant of heat produced in the gearbox. When shopping for gearbox oil for your Suzuki Carry, this guide will help you make the right decision.

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