Subaru Sambar Fuel Pump Conversion

The fuel pump in the Subaru Sambar offers the necessary pressure to move fuel to the fuel injectors or the carburetor. The fuel pump varies the fuel submitted to the engine depending on the load. There are mechanical and electric fuel pumps. Mechanical fuel pumps are on the upper part of the engine, and the camshaft drives them. It uses the vacuum mechanism to deliver fuel into the engine. Subaru Sambar with the carburetor engine commonly uses this fuel pump. The electrical fuel pump has fuel injectors that spray fuel into the engine cylinders. The ECU system controls the electric fuel pump. The reliability of the mechanical fuel pump is low compared to the electric fuel pump. In this guide, we will delve deep into how to go about a Subaru Sambar fuel pump conversion.

Advantages of Electric Fuel Pump

The electric fuel pump has higher mileage as compared to manual one. This fuel pump will serve for up to not more than 100,000 miles. At this point, consider replacing it sooner before it starts to develop issues.

They have a piece of safety equipment called the inertia switch. The inertia switch puts off the fuel pump in case of an accident. When the fuel pump is off, the engine will not receive fuel.

The electric fuel pump has ECU. This computer program can automatically cut or initiate the fuel supply in the cylinders when the vehicle is in motion.

Steps To Subaru Sambar Fuel Pump Conversion

  1. Disconnect the gas cap from the gas tank and the negative battery cable. Doing this reduces the tension in the fuel tubes. Remove further pressure by stepping on the accelerator.
  2. The fuel line connects the mechanical fuel pump to the fuel tank. Thes lines have clamps that hold them to the mechanical fuel pump. Loosen these clamps and also remove the line from the carburetor. Put a clean jar to tap this fuel which will come out. 
  3. Remove the old mechanical fuel pump and install the electric fuel pump. The electric fuel pump has a bracket and sheet metal screw to attach it to the frame of the Subaru Sambar. There is an arrow on the electric pump. It should point to the engine compartment.
  4. The electric pump has a black wire; attach it to the frame of your minitruck. You will remove the bolts, pass them through the ring terminal, and attach them to the bolt. Doing this grounds the electric pump. There is a red wire from the pump. Join it to the #12 wire using masking tape. Connect the joined wires to the ignition fuse. Doing this will turn on your fuel pump upon igniting the vehicle.
  5. Remove the old fuel lines from the tank and attach the new ones. This will connect your electric pump to the fuel tank. Attach the new line to the carburetor or the fuel injectors. Cut the fuel lines in half, then install the universal fuel filters on each cutting.


The conversion of the fuel pump to electric is made simple in this guide. However, it is advisable to do it with a professional mechanic. It might stress you, especially when it is your first time owning a mini truck.

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