Steps to Remove Stuck Lug Nut On Truck Wheels

A stuck lug nut can be hard to crack, requiring a lot of keenness so as not to damage your rims. After reading this guide, you will know how to remove stuck lug nuts safely as part of your routine truck maintenance.

Lug nuts become stripped due to various reasons. When they are corroded and rusty, when you use the wrong socket and incorrect torque, and when trying to remove your wheel, you will realize that one or more lug nuts are stripped. If this happens, consider performing the below procedure.

Use an Extractor Socket, Breaker Bar, or Hammer

Using these tools is the best method, with an accuracy rate of 99%. Such tools are readily available in your garage. You will need a breaker bar, penetrating oil, a hammer, and a socket. Before performing this procedure, ensure your truck is parked on a flat surface. You can also use the wheel chocks if you engage the emergency brakes.

Use penetrating oil to soak the stuck lug nut, which will do away with rust covering it. After soaking it, fix the long socket and hit it using a hammer. Be cautious when doing this so that you do not hit your fingers.

After hitting severally, you can remove the socket, insert a sizable nut extractor, and hit it with a hammer.

At this point, the lug nut has started to soften. Attach your breaker bar and use a little force to remove it. 

Use a Blowtorch

Using a blowtorch is the fastest process, but not everyone has it. If you have it, you will need a wheel spanner or plier, which will help you to grab the lug nut after getting hot. When using a blowtorch, do not use oil because it might cause a fire.

Use your blowtorch to heat the nut, be cautious and heat the lug nut slowly. After it has got adequate heat, you can leave it to cool down. Repeat this until your lug nut becomes loose. The secret behind this procedure is that the wheel nut expands as it becomes hot, making it easy to remove the stuck lug nut.

Use a Grinder/Wrench

Here you will also need a penetrating oil. Never forget to let it soak to remove the rust surrounding it.

Use your grinder to make edges around the nut, enabling you to grab it with your wrench. After getting a good grip on it, use a wrench to turn it until it becomes loose.

Use a Screwdriver, Chisel, or Hammer

When all the above procedures have failed, consider doing this. First, apply penetrating oil around the stuck lug nut and give it time to soak. 

Use your chisel to push the screwdriver into the nut. Doing this will create a notch on the surface. Wedge your screwdriver into the notch and tap it using a hammer in a counterclockwise direction. Do this until the lug nut breaks loose.


Removing a stuck lug nut can be hectic, but with adequate knowledge provided in this guide, you can do it using some tools that are locally available in your garage. 

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