Steps For Cleaning A Truck Air Filter

The engine requires air and fuel for it to generate energy. It gets air from the surrounding, which goes into the combustion chamber through the intake valves. Air entering the engine might carry harmful substances, such as dirt, and the air filter traps all the toxic substances that might damage your engine. As the air filter performs its functions, dirt piles up on it, which later makes it difficult for the air filter to function effectively. Here we will cover the steps for cleaning a truck air filter easily.

Whenever your truck shows signs of a bad air filter, consider checking if you will need to buy a new one or clean the one you have. Most truck manufacturers and professional mechanics recommend that you should replace your air filters after covering 15,000 miles. To enhance the performance of your truck, consider checking the air filter system. A bad air filter will interfere with your truck’s performance and fuel efficiency. To restore your air filter, you need to clean it. 

Steps For Cleaning A Truck Air Filter

The air filter is made of cotton, paper, or both. Before cleaning the air filter, look at your manufacturer’s guide or filter guidebook. These two sources will give adequate information on what to use and how to clean the air filters. If your air filter is coated with oil, never use soap to clean it. Instead, consider using other cleaning agents. 

To clean your air filters, have the following. A bucket, Microfiber cloths, Screwdriver, Vacuum, liquid soap, warm water

Cleaning a truck’s Air Filter Step-by-Step

Step 1. Remove the Air filter

Check under your hood to locate the air filter. The air filter housing is located in a box at the top of your engine.

Use a screwdriver to unfasten your air filter and remove it. After successfully removing it, use a microfiber to wipe it. Doing this removes all the debris on the air filter.

Step2. Vacuum Your Air Filter

After wiping it using a cotton cloth, gently tap it to remove all the visible debris. Use a duster or a soft brush and press it firmly to trap the dirt. Never apply much force, as this might warp your filter.

Step 3. Wash Your Filter

Pour little liquid soap on the trough, fill it with water, and swish the air filter. After washing it, rinse it using running water. When rinsing it, consider using tap water in your kitchen since the one in the garden may come with much pressure. Tap your air filter to remove the excess water on it.

Step 4. Fix Back Your Air Filter

After washing your air filter, consider exposing it to the sun so it might dry. You should leave it for 24 hours so that it might dry completely. Consider installing it in the filter housing when it is dry, and tighten the clamps, stress nut, and wing nuts.


Cleaning the air filter is one of the ways of maintaining and increasing the life span of your air filters. Before deciding to clean your air filter, inspect it to see if cleaning might give it a longer lifespan or if it is damaged, consider replacing it.

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