Small 4 Cylinder Turbo Kits For Mini Truck

Are you a big fan of Japanese mini trucks? If so, then it is probably because of the incredible performance that one can get from these vehicles. With their reputation that extends from their low cost of maintenance to their amazing reliability, there is every reason to love Japanese mini trucks. However, there comes a time when you feel you could squeeze in more power from the mini truck. There are multiple ways that one can do to get more power from their mini truck. You could opt to make an engine swap among other things. But one surefire way that you can get immense power is by introducing turbo. Today, it is not uncommon to come across mini trucks that have turbo fitted in them. In this guide, we will go through the idea of using a small 4 cylinder turbo kits for mini truck.

What Does a Turbo Do?

The use of a turbo supercharger in vehicles is becoming a common thing. It is a guaranteed way of ensuring that you get more power on your vehicle. So, what exactly does the turbo do to get the vehicle more power?

A turbo basically allows more air to the engine. This in turn ensures that more fuel is burned and hence releasing more power in an instance. When more fuel is burned, it means that the engine cylinders gets a lot of rapid bangs and then this is all the same with all other cylinders. The end result is having more rotations on the crank shaft and hence more power in the engine.

Should I Get Turbo For My Mini Truck?

There are different models and makes of the turbo superchargers in the market. From those that allow total control and metering to those that have meter precision. So, is a turbo good for the mini truck? The use of turbo in vehicles has proven to be very effective in getting more power. This allows vehicles to move much faster, and in general give the vehicle more power and torque. That said, getting a small 4 cylinder turbo kits for mini truck will definitely come in handy.

It also goes without saying that these turbo superchargers come in different shapes. There are smaller ones and larger ones. You can choose the size depending on the power that you intend to get. Most of the Japanese mini truck owners are usually satisfied with a small turbo which increases the power of their vehicle to sufficient levels.


Are you are looking for a way to increase the horsepower and torque in your vehicle? If so, then the turbo option is definitely worth considering. It has proven track record and gives even the smaller engine vehicles like the mini trucks a chance to become little beasts on the road. In spite the fact that Japanese mini truck are amazing in performance, a turbo will make them even much better.

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