Signs You Need To Change Your Truck Brake Fluid

Your truck needs many fluids for it to work efficiently. Among these fluids is the brake fluid, which we usually ignore. This fluid is necessary for your brakes to work efficiently. Many truck manufacturers have set a specific mileage and time when to replace the brake fluid, but it would be good if you regularly check the condition of the brake fluid. If you do not know what a healthy brake fluid looks like, you might get confused about when to change the brake fluid. Here are signs you need to change your truck brake fluid.

Signs You Need To Change Your Truck Brake Fluid

What is Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid whose primary role is to transfer pressure to the braking system parts in the wheels when you step on the brake pedal. The brake fluid works in a sealed system, meaning it can never get exposed to the environment. The lines that carry this fluid might get damaged, leading to the exposure of the fluid to the environment. If the brake fluid is exposed, it gets contaminated and becomes less effective. Besides problems with the brake fluid lines, the fluid can wear out and become less effective with time. As a truck owner, you must know how your brake fluids perform. Let us look at some signs that your brake fluids need to be changed.

When the ABS Check Light Shows On The Dashboard

If you see the Anti-Lock Braking System check light showing on the dashboard, it indicates that it is high time you check the condition of the brake fluid. You can consider topping it up or draining and filling a new liquid. Before performing the top-up, consider checking the state of the tubes. If you note any breakage, consider repairing it. Older trucks may not show the ABS check light, but all modern trucks with effective ECU will show the ABS check light as soon as the brake fluid becomes ineffective.

Problems With The Brake Pedal

If you step on the brake pedals, but they are not as responsive as they used to be, an indication that the level of your brake fluid is low or no longer effective. However, if the pedal is hard to press, the brake fluid might be contaminated. If it is soft, then there is a decrease in the brake fluid level. 

Noisy Braking

Your brakes will start producing funny sounds when the brake fluid levels are low, or it is contaminated. When you hear a noisy braking sound, consider taking your truck for a mechanical check-up as soon as possible to avoid damaging other essential braking parts.

Burning Smell

Another sign that you need to change your brake fluid is a burning smell you feel after using your brakes for some time. The smell is a result of overheating brakes. Consider parking your truck to let the brake cool down if this happens. If assumed can lead to brake failure.


Consider taking your truck for a brake check-up when you notice your braking system is not functioning effectively. Brakes are life savers on the road, and a slight issue with them needs an urgent response.

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