Signs of Bad Wheel Bearing in Your Truck

What are some of the signs of a bad wheel bearing that you should be aware of? The wheel bearings are with high precision for them to facilitate the smooth running of mechanical movements. They ensure that heavy loads are carried with ease. Trucks generally use various bearings, like a ball and roller bearings.

As long as you drive your truck, the wheel bearings will wear out at some point. When this happens, your truck will show some symptoms. 

The Signs of a Bad Wheel Bearing

Grinding and grating noise from the wheel when your truck is at high speed are some of the common signs of a bad wheel bearing. Sometimes the sound might change when either turning left or right. Other than these, here are other signs of a bad wheel bearing.

Your Track Feels Loose

You will feel the wheels’ looseness when your wheel bearings are bad. Bad bearings usually get lost inside the wheel hub and wheel spindle. If this happens, you have a loose feeling when steering your truck.

You will feel your truck is not stable as it used to be, such a feeling is terrible, and you have to replace your wheel bearing as soon as possible.

Play in Wheels

When you lift your truck’s suspension using a floor jack and feel the wheels play in all directions, it indicates a bad wheel bearing. In some situations, it can signify a lousy steering tie end. Some old trucks have a factory wheel play, which should not worry you. If your truck is new, something is wrong, and you should consider checking it.

Worn Patches on Your Tires

The level of damage on the wheel bearings can be high to the extent that it starts to interfere with the alignment of your wheels. When it interferes with your wheel alignment, you will notice your tires forming patches as they wear out. Performing a regular check will help you to identify this issue. In such a case, consider checking your wheel alignment and wheel bearings.

Your Truck Becomes Noisy When you make a Left or Right Shift.

When driving your truck at a speed of 50 miles per hour and hearing noise when you steer either left or right is an indication that your wheel bearings are bad. Sometimes the noise will vary depending on the direction you steer. For example, if the noise reduces when you turn right, your left wheel bearing is damaged, and if it decreases when you turn left, your right wheel bearing is damaged.

Grinding Noise from the Wheels

The wheels of your truck will be noisy when the wheel bearings are damaged. The grinding sound will be louder as you increase speed. Heat and water are known to destroy wheel bearings.


The wheel bearings rarely wear out, and they are essential parts of the wheel that can give you the worst driving experience when damaged, but they will quickly wear out when exposed to factors like heat and water. When they start to wear out, you will experience the signs from your truck. 

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