Best Tips On Scheduling Truck Oil Change

How do you efficiently do your scheduling truck oil change? Oil is one of the liquids that supports the life of the engine of your truck. It performs various roles, such as lubricating the moving parts and cooling the entire engine. Oil’s role in the engine is similar to blood in the human body. Performing oil changes is one of the basic and simple truck maintenance services.

Even though it is simple to perform an oil change, there are a few tips that you might need to learn. The common question among truck owners is the frequency of performing oil changes. Knowing a few tips concerning oil replacement and maintenance is essential. Such tips are in this guide.

What Does Full-Service Oil Change Entail?

You can either perform a basic or full-service oil change. Some mechanics also offer mid-range oil service, but basic and full-service are the common types of oil change. Mid-range oil is simply the basic oil change with a few services.

The basic oil change entails replacing the truck engine oil and the filter. On the other hand, a full-service oil change involves changing the engine oil and oil filters and performing other services to ensure your truck is in good condition.

 A full-service oil change involves the following services.

  • Changing the oil
  • Changing the oil filter
  • Checking the condition of the coolant and other vital truck fluids.
  • Checking the braking system
  • Checking the tire pressure, battery, the windshield blades.

It is optional to perform a full-service oil change whenever you change the oil, but it is essential on the third time of performing an oil change. Just a basic oil change is essential.

When Should You Change Engine Oil?

When to perform an oil change depends on your truck’s model and make. Various innovations and inventions in the automotive industry are taking place, and more efficient engines are in production. The frequency and when to change your also changes. It is tricky knowing exactly when you should perform an oil change.

Initially, when the automotive industry was still developing, it was authentic to perform an oil change after covering 3000 miles since there was only a single motor oil for all trucks. But due to technological advancement, there are various oil brands, and you can perform an oil change between 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

Which is the Best Oil for My Truck?

There are various oil brands in the market, so you might need to find the best brand for your truck. There is synthetic and conventional oil are the main types of oil. Also, there is a synthetic blend that combines the two.

Conventional oil has a more comprehensive range of viscosity grades and is perfect for trucks with simple engines. Synthetic oil is improved and has fewer impurities to perform better than conventional oil. Synthetic oil is the best for modern trucks.

High mileage oil is ideal if your truck has 75000 miles on the odometer. It is specially made to protect older engines from rust and leakages.


The above are the tips you should know regarding making an oil change for your truck. It should help you make better scheduling and avoid misfortunes that could arise from failing to oil the vehicle.

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