5 Safety Truck Driving Tips During The Rain

Driving in wet weather is risky compared to dry conditions and there is a need for you to learn some safety truck driving tips. Most accidents happen during the rainy season. What is unique about the rainy season? Roads usually become wet, and visibility reduces when it rains, such occurrences are why most accidents occur in the rainy season. You can make your truck driving safe after reading these tips.

5 Safety Truck Driving Tips During The Rain

Here is some of the safety truck driving tips when you are dealing with wet roads as well as how to avoid accidents.

Turn Off the Cruise Control

Cruise control saves a life, giving most drivers a sense of security on the road. This feature economizes gas as it maintains a constant speed. However, when it rains, cruise control can be disastrous and deadly. 

The cruise control locks your truck at a constant speed, limiting your ability to make an immediate decision.

Turn on Your Headlights

The visibility decreases when it rains heavily, and you may not see clearly. Turning on your headlights will enable you to see the road, apart from the driver’s visibility. Other road users will see your truck when you turn your headlights on, and this reduces road accidents.

Do Adequate Preparation

When the rainy season is around the corner, prepare your truck adequately. Ensure everything is working perfectly. Check your tire traction, as poor traction is a common cause of rain accidents. Make sure your tires have the correct tread depth. Check the brake of your truck and ensure they are working perfectly. Your mechanic can assist you in doing this.

When preparing your truck, never forget to check on your truck’s electrical system. Check if the wipers are working perfectly.

Handling Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is a scenario where your truck is sliding on a wet surface. It happens when your truck loses grip and starts to ride on top of the water on the driving surface. When your truck is hydroplaning, it will likely slide sideways, veer on the other lane, or off the road.

You will experience hydroplaning when cruising at 35 mph, and the road has a layer of water that is 1/12th inch. In such a scenario, never press down your brake pedal, as it can make your truck skid. But be calm and gradually release your foot from the acceleration pedal. This is the safest way of controlling hydroplaning.

Always Stay Alert

During the rainy season, you should be highly alert when driving. Maintain the minimum required speed on the road. Ensure you control your truck and keep a safe distance between you and other moving vehicles. Doing this will prevent you from tailgating. When turning, ensure your speed is lower than usual, preventing your truck from rolling. Be careful with the behavior of other road users. Give them space if you note a vehicle is losing control or coming to your lane. Doing this will save your life as well as your truck.


Driving during rain is tricky, and the slightest mistake can cost your life and other road users. It is vital to stay alert on the road. But the most important is ensuring that everything in your truck is in perfect working condition. This guide has some essential safety truck driving tips to help you drive in the rain. 

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