Safe Hauling Kei Truck In Back of Truck

Kei trucks, popularly known as Japanese mini trucks have always stood out as exceptional vehicles. These vehicles are in high demand. They have come a long way and are usually made by some of the top Japanese automakers. And while they are for the Japanese market, they have also earned great reputation in other countries like the United States and Canada. Many people are seeing great use in these vehicles, especially since they are very cost effective. Due to the different road restrictions, some people have always had problems driving the mini trucks on some roads. In this guide, we will be discussing safe hauling Kei truck in back of truck. Large trucks can carry these mini trucks because they are compact and small.

Can You Safely Haul Kei Truck In Back of Truck?

Sometimes someone wants to move their Japanese mini truck to another destination where they can use for different purposes. However, some rules like for instance those that limits the usage of these vehicles to local roads and not to allow them on interstate highways could limit one’s chances of moving it. Another instance is when you have acquired the mini truck from someone across the country and there is no other way to drive it or move it. In such a situation, you are left wondering many things. Among the options people have successfully used is to haul the kei truck in back of a truck. This is usually a large truck.

Considerations When Hauling At The Back of A Truck

Here are some of the things that one must keep their in mind when they are considering or using a bigger truck to haul their kei truck.

Ample Space

Be sure that the bigger truck is big and roomy enough to carry the mini truck. This means there should be space left on the sides as well as in the front and at the back. This should make the process of on-loading and offloading the Kei truck much easier. It also ensures that there is enough wiggle room.

Strap Firmly

If you are using straps to anchor the kei truck onto the bigger truck, then you have to make sure that the straps or whatever is been used to do it are strong enough. Then make sure that the kei truck is firmly strapped before you start moving.

Legal Factor

It is also important that you ensure that the way the mini truck is being hauled does not break the law in any way. The last thing that you want is to get in trouble with the law.


Hauling a smaller vehicle using a bigger truck is something that is very common. It is therefore possible to carry your Japanese mini truck to another location using this method. You just need to make sure that everything is in place including all the safety measures.

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