How To Remove Scratches On Windshield of Your Truck

Scratches on the windshield impair visibility when you are driving. The sunlight will bounce off the scratches, which will reduce visibility. Also, when it rains or you clean your windshield, water will collect into the spaces making it difficult for your wipers to remove the water.

There are two types of scratches, minor and major scratches. You will remove minor scratches on windshield if you have the appropriate tools. On the other hand, major scratches need a glass specialist to hand. 

As soon as you are through reading this guide, you will be able to know how to remove scratches from your windshield. These are what you need,

  • A microfiber cloth
  • Cerium Oxide rubbing compound
  • Glass repair kit

After assembling the necessary tools, perform the below procedure to remove scratches on windshield.

Step 1 Determine the Depth of the Scratches On Windshield

The first thing to do is to determine how deep the scratch is. To do this, run your fingernail along the scratch. If the scratch is minor, it will feel smooth, and your nails will not get stuck in a groove. If it is a deep scratch, it will scratch your fingernails.

It would help if you addressed the deep scratches as soon as possible because they can worsen with time.

Step 2 Buy a Glass Repair Kit

After determining the nature of the scratch, buy a glass repair kit. You will get it from your nearest auto-repair shop or order it online. You will find Cerium Oxide and a razor blade in this kit.

When working on the windshield, ensure your truck is under shade and the windshield temperature is between 50°F and 75°F throughout this procedure.

Step 3 Clean The Windshield of Your Truck Before Applying the Rubbing Compound

You already have all the necessary tools. The next crucial step you will perform here is cleaning your windshield. Doing this will remove any debris and dirt accumulated in the scratch.

Use soap to wash your windshield and dry it with a microfiber cloth before you start to apply the Cerium Oxide rubbing compound.

If you are repairing a chip, bull’s eye, or star in the windshield, check your repair kit, you will find a device that can remove air from the repair areas. Doing this will let you apply the compound without the risk of trapping air bubbles inside.

In case what you are repairing is a crack or scratch, apply the resin compound directly, starting from the far end of the scratch. Look at the scratch at a 45-degree angle, and you will see the area filled with resin is a bit dark. If you notice air pockets, apply slight pressure from inside on the sides and center of the scratch. 

Step 4 Take Your Truck to Direct Sunlight

After applying the curing strips, move your truck to direct sunlight for about 5 -10 minutes for it to dry.

Remove the resin strip. If the compound is still wet, reapply the strip and let it dry. After it has dried, use a razor blade at 90-degree and scrape the hardened resin.


You can remove scratches on windshield at home, but if you are unsure, seek a professional’s services.

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