How To Remove Rust From Your Truck

Do you want to remove rust from your truck? As your truck is aging, it is likely to start rusting. Rust is a chemical process that is not only brought as a result of aging, the exposure to salt and water increases the rate at which rusting happens. If you keep your truck outside, the wet night temperatures will likely facilitate the rusting process. If you live in areas that experience winter seasons, driving your truck on wet roads where salt has been used to melt down snow and ice exposes your truck to rust. 

Rust can be a nightmare, especially when it appears on your loved truck. But it should not worry you since rusting is inevitable in anything made of metal. Here you will learn how to do away with rust from your truck. 

Remove Rust From Your Truck

When working on any part of the car, safety is a number one priority worth considering. Ensure your truck is parked on a flat surface with the parking brakes engaged. Put on glasses to protect your eyes. Ensure you are performing the procedure in a properly ventilated area. Here is how to remove serious rust from your truck.

Tape Off the Area

First, you need to isolate the area you are working. Doing this will protect the non-rusted areas from damage. When performing this procedure, a lot of rust and paint particles will be suspended in the air, which is unhealthy. Consider using real masking paper instead of a newspaper.

Remove the Paint and Primer

When doing this, start low as you work your way up. Use a dual action sander and a held-held grinder with a flap disc for the best control are the best for this procedure. Sanding through paint and primer will remove the rust on the metal. This process will remove most of the surface rust, but the rust usually perforates the metal leaving small holes. 

Remove Rust Pits

To do this, you will need a grinder, a drill with a wire wheel, or a chemical component that will remove rust. During this process, put on eye protection and a dust mask. The wire wheel will help you remove rust hiding below the metal surface and the pits. Remember that everything must be clean because primer and paint cannot stick to rust.

Prime the Surface

A proper painting job starts with a well-primed surface and thus uses a primer that is the best for direct metal contact. After this, you can use the best finish panel with surfacing primer or body filler, then a suitable paint. Remember, it is not good to use body filler on a metal surface directly, as the repair will crack with time.


Any form of rust is not good for your truck, and it is essential to protect your truck from rust. Most trucks get into contact with salt during winter, and after winter, the slightly warm temperature facilitates the process of rusting. It is essential to wash your truck thoroughly after winter. Doing this will let you spot areas that have started to develop rust and take the necessary precaution. Shared in this guide are some of the ways to remove rust from your truck and make it last longer.

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