Regular vs Dump Bed Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks have come a long way. They were first introduced in the 1950s by some of the leading Japanese automakers back then. The need for small and compact vehicles that could easily maneuver around with ease was high. Today, they are still some of the most sort after vehicles and many people in countries including the United States have seen the need for such vehicles. Today you will come across them all over in the US. From their use in farms to the construction world, the Japanese mini trucks have proven to have what it takes to be the perfect pick up truck alternative. However, there are many design models that these vehicles can come in. In this guide, we will be comparing regular vs dump bed mini trucks.

This should help us to determine whether you would need a mini truck with a bed that has hydraulics or one that doesn’t.

It is obvious that installing a new hydraulic system and converting a normal bed mini truck or a pick up can be costly. But is this just an extra feature that costs more for nothing? To help us with this, let us first understand the purpose of a dump deb mini truck. A dump bed mini truck features a hydraulic system that raises the bed of the mini truck so that the load is dumped with ease. However, a regular mini truck or a pick up truck lacks this feature.

Regular vs Dump Bed Mini Trucks

The need for this feature depends on the needs and purpose of the vehicle. It comes in handy if the cargo that is being carried on it is not that delicate. This way, they can be dumped without damaging them. A good example is carrying loads of gravel or sand. Instead of having someone do the manual work of offloading, the hydraulics do the hard work.

But what if you are certain that you can only be using the vehicle for only instances that do not need the use of the hydraulic lift? Well, if you do not need the service of the dump bed functionality, then you could settle for a regular bed mini truck that lacks the functionality. However, it is also worth mentioning that there is no harm in getting one that has this functionality. It doesn’t mean that you will carry less load and this doesn’t also mean that you get to incur more costs on fuel and other things.

That said, you could get a dump bed mini truck to serve you either way. And one more amazing thing is that when buying the Japanese mini truck, you may not realize much difference in the price tag.


While comparing regular vs dump bed mini trucks, you will realize that the latter has the upper hand. This is because it is versatile and can do all kind of work including everything that a regular mini truck can do.

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