Preventive Maintenance Tips for Trucks

Preventative care for your truck will help keep your engine free from unnecessary breakdowns and give you confidence that you will go anywhere and come home safely. Preventive maintenance will help keep your truck in good health, drive better, and increase reliability. In this guide, we shall look at some of the 5 preventive maintenance tips which will act as a vaccine for your engine.

Inspect Your Brakes

Brakes are life savers and also do the role of stopping your truck when you want. The braking system might sometimes fail. If this happens when you are driving, the chances of your truck crashing is high. It is necessary to check your brakes regularly. Check if the brake pads, disc, and other components work well. If your truck carries a heavy load, braking might be a problem, so it is necessary to check if the brakes are adequate before you load the truck. 

Check your Tires

Check the conditions of your tire pressure. Low tire pressure increases fuel consumption and the rate at which your tire will wear out. Apart from the tire pressure, it is necessary to consider doing tire inspections to determine how they wear out. If they wear out evenly, your truck is in good health, but if you see uneven wear, there might be a severe issue. Uneven tire wear signals a problem with your alignment, the suspension, and other areas. In such a scenario, consider consulting your mechanic.

Change Air Filters

The air filters trap dirt particles in the air and feed clean air into the engine. If dirt and other components get into contact with the engine, they can contaminate and destroy delicate parts such as the cylinders. The air filters’ role is to ensure no dirt passes to the engine. The air filter is made of paper and fibers, which traps the dirt particles. Dirt particles accumulate on the air filter, making it not function effectively. You will know the air filter is clogged when it becomes opaque and light cannot pass through it.

Do a Battery, Alternator, and Electrical System Verification

If you are a long-distance driver, consider checking the condition of your battery, the alternator, and the entire electrical system. As you drive, you will make several stops, where the battery will be vital to start your engine. In case it rains, you will turn on the wiper, need to listen to music, and turn on the bulbs. You can do all these if your alternator works perfectly. 

Change the Engine Oil

The engine oil cools the engine and lubricates the moving parts. As it functions, it wears out and becomes less effective. A worn-out engine oil stops working effectively, and the engine’s moving parts will rub against each other, producing weird sounds as you drive. If you see a color change in your engine oil, consider replacing it as soon as possible. 


Preventive truck engine maintenance helps to keep your truck’s engine in good health and in optimum working condition. The above tips will help to achieve this and prevent you from performing costly truck repairs.