What is Engine Sludge & How To Remove it Easily in Truck Engine

Nobody wishes to deal with the engine sludge. The dark accumulation on the crankcase can cause a lot of trouble to your truck. Your truck’s engine is meant to run on clean oil, and it’s never your wish to deal with sludge. After reading this article, you will be equipped with knowledge of what sludge is and how you can prevent it.

What is Engine Sludge?

The black tarry substance in the motor is known as engine sludge. The primary cause of engine sludge is chemical reactions. The old motor oil will degrade when oxygen or high temperatures are exposed to it.

As the temperature increases, the degradation rate goes up. When the temperature rises to 18 degrees, the oxidation rate doubles.

The organic acids combined with the polymer products are some of the by-products of these chemical reactions. Such products will keep on reacting until they form sludge.

When starting to form, sludge will be the thin film that you might assume. It gets larger on the surface, which becomes messy.

How To Remove Engine Sludge

Use of Engine Additive

There are various engine additives that you can use to remove sludge from the engine of your truck. To get the right one, seek mechanical advice for you to use engine additives to remove engine sludge. Ensure your truck is parked on level ground, and remove the engine oil cap.

As you follow the instructions on the can, pour a can of the selected additive into your engine. After pouring it, fix the oil cap and let your truck run for 10 to 15 seconds. Doing this will warm up your engine because it is not your intention to drive with this additive in your engine.

Such engine treatment helps remove the sludge inside your motor by mixing it with dirty oil to flush it out.

Draining the Oil

After adequately warming your engine, you can now change the oil. First, you will need to get rid of the drain plug by removing it from the oil pan and let it drain into your drain pan. Some people prefer to use an air compressor to remove the sludge. However, doing this might introduce contaminants into your system.

Installing Filters

Use an oil filter wrench to take off the oil filter. Doing this will drain more oil from the system. Having a new filter compels you to put some clean oil on the gasket for it to create a seal. Turn the filter in a clockwise direction using your hands. Doing this will tighten it.

Adding Fresh Motor Oil

After draining all the oil from the system and installing a new oil filter, consider reinstalling the drain plug. Before using the oil, check its grade to ensure it is compatible with your truck. Such information is available in the service manual. The wrong oil will damage your engine.


Engine sludge can give a headache being that it is something that spreads. After reading this guide, you now know what engine sludge is and how you can remove it as part of your maintenance.

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