Common Power Steering Problems In Trucks & How To Fix Them

Power steering problems are not very common, but they exist. Here we will go through ways of fixing them. Driving a truck is fun only when everything is working perfectly. If you realize an issue with your truck’s handling, taking it for a mechanical check-up as soon as possible is essential. As a truck owner, one area you should always pay attention to is the power steering. It is a mechanism that enables you to handle the steering wheel easily. 

All modern trucks have a power steering system. It comprises a pump, a special fluid, and most definitely hoses. Sometimes the power steering system develops issues such as leakages. This guide discusses some power steering problems and how you can fix them.

Common Power Steering Problems & Their Solution

Here are the common power steering problems worth knowing as a truck owner.

Low Power Steering Fluid

The power steering system has a special fluid that aids in the power transmission to the steering. Sometimes the levels of this fluid go down. If such happens, the power steering pump will make a whining sound. 

To solve this problem, check the level of your power steering fluid. Check the manufacturer’s guide to follow the laid down procedure. If the need arises, consider topping it up yourself or seek the services of a professional mechanic. 

Fluid Leakage

The power steering fluid is the most important part of the power steering system. When you realize that the frequency at which you are topping up the power steering fluid increases, there may be leakages in the system. A common sign of leakage is the presence of fluid under your truck. You will note this when your truck is parked for a while. 

You can fix this by taking your truck for a mechanical check-up to determine the exact cause of the leakage and fix it.

Worn–Out and Loose Belts

When the belts within the power steering system are old and worn out, your truck will produce a screeching sound whenever you turn the wheels. 

When the belts are loose, visit your mechanic for tightening or repositioning. But if they are worn out, you can replace them to restore the perfect working condition of your truck.

Cracks on the Hoses

The hoses play the role of transmission of the power steering fluid. These hoses are made of rubber, and they will develop cracks with time. The power steering fluid will start leaking when the cracks advance and become bigger. 

To prevent this, consider performing a regular inspection to check on the condition of the hoses. If you note any cracks on the hoses, replace them as soon as possible.

Slippage On The Hose Coupling

The hoses and other parts of the powering steering system are joined with the coupling. This coupling may slip with time.

It is easy to see this problem, but it is essential to let a professional mechanic work on it as soon as you note a slippage. 


The power steering system makes it easy to control your truck’s steering wheel. The system has various parts that wear out or experience mechanical problems independently. When such happens, the entire system will not function effectively. It is, therefore, necessary to know the common causes of the power steering systems and the possible solutions, as illustrated in this guide. 

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