Pick Up Trucks Vs. Mini Trucks – Which One Should You Buy?

If you have always needed to haul some cargo then you must have compared different solutions which includes either getting a pickup truck, a mini truck or something else that can help carry the load. The pickup and Japanese mini trucks, better known to many as the Kei trucks are the most reliable and ideal vehicles for running day to day activities that involves carrying small to medium sized loads.

Although these two are good, in many cases, you will have to choose one to go with and in this guide, we will go though some of the difference highlighting the good and the bad of each so that you can make an informed decision on which one to go with. However, before we mull into the difference, let us first go through each of these trucks in detail.

The Pick Up Truck

We all know about pickup trucks. They have been used from the early ages and their performance and dependability has always been evident in the services they provide us. Their evolution over the years has made them better in terms of performance, eco-friendliness and reliability. There are many carmakers who come up with pickup trucks although they vary in models and design.

Carrying loads using pickup trucks is easy, thanks to their hard built body and capabilities that enable this to happen. The 4 wheel drive capabilities which engages all the four wheels also makes it easy to maneuver through harsh terrain conditions and those that normal 2 wheel drive vehicles cannot. Overall, pickup trucks are good vehicles that have helped shape the motor world giving people a good alternative way of carrying around cargo.

The Mini Trucks (Kei Trucks)

Mini trucks (Kei trucks) are natives of the Japanese auto industry and they have been in use for many decades. Made by some of the leading carmakers like the Daihatsu, Subaru, Suzuki and Honda, these vehicles have shown phenomenal performance and have been of great service. Like the pickup trucks, their evolution has made them better over the years and the current models are at par with the auto demands while also addressing the ever rising environmental demands.

Also like the pickups, they possess advanced capabilities such as the 4 wheel drive which enables them to move smoothly and effectively through all-weather roads. The mini trucks have become popular and today it is not a surprise to spot one of these vehicles in any street in any country across the globe.

Difference Between Pickup Trucks And Japanese Mini Trucks

Here’s the skinny on how the two vehicle types compare.


Pickup trucks will vary from the make and model but most of them have always shown exceptional services all along. Most of the pickup trucks made by top automakers can be counted on to deliver in almost every field as long as the cargo being carried is within its carrying capacity.

On the other side, the Japanese mini tucks have proven to be invaluable vehicles that offer real value. Characterized by high performing engine capacity, superior drivetrains, the mini trucks have what it takes to take care of any cargo at whatever place it is. Be it carrying produce from the ranch or construction materials to the site, you can always count on them.

Flexibility Of Use

We all love vehicles that does what we wanted them to do. While pickup trucks are flexible and can almost do everything that we would love them to do, there are some areas in which they lack and that is when it comes to carrying some abnormally sized cargos. What the mini trucks does differently is based on how these mini trucks are designed. Mini trucks come in different models based on what you would like to carry. For instance if you would like to carry around abnormally sized cargo, you can use flatbed mini truck which does this easily.

Bed and Box Size

While the pickups have a sufficient bed size, the Japanese mini trucks have proven to be better on this. Mini trucks have a bigger bed size as compared to many pickup trucks. In fact, you will hardly come across a pickup truck that has a bigger or the same size with a mini truck, unless it is custom designed. This makes the mini trucks more reliable when it comes to carrying around bulkier and high volume goods.


We all love to spend less, but also get the best quality and high performing vehicles. There is no debate on the cost as it clear that the mini trucks are priced lower than the pickup trucks. If you are looking for an affordable alternative, then the Japanese mini truck is your best bet.

To put this simply, there is hardly nothing that a pickup truck can do and expect a mini truck to fail. And the fact that you get this at a lower price tag makes it even better. Let’s go through the comparison of the two in detail below:

Final Word:

In many cases, we find ourselves comparing two things that closely compares to each other and in this case, it is the pickup truck and the Japanese mini trucks.

While the pickup trucks are good vehicles, putting them head to head with the Japanese Kei trucks clearly shows that the mini trucks have an upper hand, especially for anyone who is looking for a vehicle that is both affordable and offers good value for the money. You can take some time to go through some for the mini trucks that we have in our inventory and we will give you more details on any that you are interested in. In our listing page, you will comes across mini trucks such as the Subaru Samabar, Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu Hijet and Honda Acty. There are also other vehicle types which you may be interested in.

To save you the shipping hassles, we will help you ship the vehicle from Japan to your destination port. This is excellent for you especially if you are still new to the shipping protocols and such things that could get you mixed up.

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