Oil is Coming Out of Mini Truck Exhaust Pipe – What to Do

The mini trucks, like other vehicles, will develop weird issues after using them for a long time. During your ownership, you will realize several problems come from the fuel system. But sometimes you will realize that some oil is coming out through the exhaust pipe as you drive. It usually happens after using the mini truck for a long time. There are ways of solving this if it happens.

What to Do When Oil is Coming Out of Mini Truck Exhaust Pipe

If you see some oil coming out of the exhaust pipe of your mini truck, do not panic. This guide illustrates what to do when such a scenario occurs. 

Check the End of Your Exhaust Pipe

Sometimes what you might mistake as oil leakage on your exhaust pipe might not be oil. The exhaust pipe’s end accumulates soot, forming a very thick layer. If you have never cleaned the end of your exhaust pipe for a while, the condensed liquid might come out through the exhaust pipe looking like oil. To fix this, put on gloves and insert your finger into the exhaust pipe to check if any soot is formed in the exhaust system.

Check if there is Congestion in the PVC Valve

The PVC valves provide a medium through which the internal combustion gases travel to the combustion chamber. The accumulating gas volume will expose the engine to pressure if the PVC valve is clogged. However, the pressure will make the oil sort for ways out and pass through the exhaust pipe. If your mini truck starts to release bluish smoke and you witness the spark plug having some oil, then the possibility of the PVC system being blocked is high. In case such happens, fix the new PVC valve.

Check if the Gasket is Broken

The gasket forms the part of the entire exhaust system and does the role of sealing the engine head and the block. If the gasket is blown, the liquids such as oil will pass the seal and move to the exhaust system. However, if oil comes out of your exhaust pipe, it is necessary to check the exhaust system. How will you determine if your gasket is broken? The engine of your mini truck will start to overheat, the engine will be less powerful, and fuel consumption will increase. To fix this, replace the broken gaskets. 


The exhaust pipe is not designed to remove oil from your mini truck. Several possibilities might cause the oil leakage through the exhaust system, such as a broken head gasket and congested PVC valve. However, if you witness this, never ignore it, as it signals the beginning of a problem that might take your engine to the intensive care unit.

Oil leakage is likely to reduce the performance of your mini truck. It will start to overheat, and its parts will wear out very fast. If you see oil coming out through your exhaust pipe, take your mini truck for a check-up to fix the issue.

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