Nissan Vanette Mini Truck

There is no denying the fact that Nissan is among the global leaders in the auto industry. The automaker has been around for many decades and has helped to transform the industry. They make and sell millions of vehicles across the globe every year. The range of their vehicles is from small sedans and as big as trucks and buses. Among some of the vehicles that we will be focusing on this guide is the Nissan Vanette. This is a mini truck which although not very popular is quickly gaining traction in the industry. Let us go deep and try to look into the mini truck in our Nissan Vanette mini truck review.

Nissan Vanette Mini Truck Review

When someone hears of Japanese mini trucks, they always think of Subaru Sambar, Daihatsu Hijet and others like Mazda Scrum. Not many people pay attention to the Nissan Vanette. Yet they are very good in performance and delivers just like the other kei trucks.

Here are some of the factors that makes the Nissan Vanette outstanding.

High Performance

Nissan Vanette is considered a lightweight truck, just like the other kei trucks in the market. However, one thing that is worth noting is that they have incredible performance. They have a small engine but it has been tweaked and engineered to give the best output. It is the kind of vehicle that you can count on to deliver in whatever the condition. It also goes without saying that there are those that have a 4 wheel drive transmission and therefore possible to use them as off road vehicles. So, if you have always wanted a vehicle that is of great performance and can replace the pick up truck, this could be it.

Efficient & Very Reliable

Do you want a vehicle that consumes less fuel and gets you good mileage on that? Not many people are able to get you that kind of efficiency. However, the Nissan Vanette is a good vehicle that guarantees that. The mini truck is very reliable and will do pretty much any job thrown at it. They are no less than other more popular Japanese mini trucks. And besides that, they do not need a lot of mechanical attention. And with such a low maintenance vehicle, you can always get the best.


Another thing that one need to keep in mind when choosing a vehicle is the cost. The cost of acquiring a vehicle today is very high and this has forced many people to look for alternative options. Of course you will get good service with the pick up truck, but the big question is how much do you have to spend? If you need an alternative option that is cheaper, then you may want to consider getting the Nissan Vanette mini truck.


The Nissan Vanette is a great vehicle overall. It delivers on its advertised promise. Shared above are details on why you may want to consider getting the mini truck.

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