Mini Truck Gearbox Oil- Choosing Good Gear Box Oil

Mini trucks, otherwise known as kei trucks are small trucks in the lightweight trucks class which are used primarily in the Japanese market. They come in two options which can either be a 2-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. They are amazing in practicality and reliability. For a mini truck to deliver, it must have good speed and torque. Speed and torque work inversely. That is to mean that an increase in the speed reduces torque, and an increase in the torque increases the speed. The gearbox’s function in the mini truck is to control the speed by either reducing or increasing it. However, good gearbox oil optimizes its operations. Let us go through this guide to help you choose the perfect mini truck gearbox oil for your mini truck.

Choosing Perfect Mini Truck Gearbox Oil

There are different variants of oil for the gearbox. Consider the following factors to choose the perfect one for your mini truck gearbox.


An important physical property of any lubricant is viscosity. The simplest and clear definition of viscosity is the thickness of the oil or its ability to resist flow. The gearbox is made up of metallic components in motion. The motion is likely to produce friction. It is recommended to use thick engine oil for these parts to move smoothly. Viscosity makes it easy for the moving parts of the gearbox to start under varied conditions such as high pressure and high temperatures.

Additive Selection and Gear Lubricant Type

Gear box lubricants are divided into three main categories; R&O, Anti Scuff, and Compounded gear oil. The operating conditions will help you choose the best gearbox oil for your mini truck.

R&O is Rust and Oxidation gearbox oil. This option is good for the gears that work under high speed and uniform loads.

Anti-Scuff gear oil prevents wearing and tearing, and high temperatures do not trigger them to become active.

Compounded gear oil is mixed with fats to make it more effective in reducing friction.

Base Oil Types

The mineral base oil is suitable for several applicants. They are highly viscous compared to other synthetics, therefore thicker and preferable. In some instances, synthetic oils become reliable because they are resistant to oxidation and heat-related damages. This feature makes the synthetic base preferred in high operating temperatures. Synthetic oil is best in gearboxes that operate in areas with lower temperatures because they are thick and cannot easily pour out. It is the best option for all seasons. You will not have to worry about changing gearbox oil because of changes in season. Apart from this, a synthetic base is also important because it reduces friction between the moving parts.


Gearbox oil aids your transmission in operating smoothly by reducing friction and cooling the gear’s moving parts. However, the gear oil works superbly in various transmissions, such as the manual gearbox of a mini-truck. The oil protects the moving parts of the gear from tearing and wearing easily. It also cools the high temperatures due to the friction between the moving parts of the gearbox. It is important to stick to the manufacturer’s prescription to choose the best gearbox.