Mini Truck Batteries – All you need to know

Where are Mini Truck Batteries? All vehicles rely upon some form of battery power. Kei trucks are no different. The batteries, however, do differ from the full-sized vehicles. If you have a Kei truck, then you will eventually have to replace or service it. If you have ever wondered about your battery for your Kei truck, here are a few things that you should know.

Mini Truck Batteries come in all shapes and forms. This is a battery showing the positive and negitives.

Where is the battery?

The first consideration when it comes to your battery is where it is located. First generation models tend to have the battery located under the driver’s side seat alongside the framework. Depending upon where the engine is located, the battery may change. Rear powered engines, such as those found on the Daihatsu Hijet may have the battery located in the rear of the vehicle. If the battery is at the rear of the bed, there will be a housing box for the battery. Modern vehicles use such boxes as Holt or metal encasements to secure the battery.

On Suzuki Carry models from 1999 and before, the battery will be in the middle of the cabin under the seat. This is standard for other brands as well. Newer models which have the engine housed in the front will have the battery located alongside the interior. This is much like a standard-sized vehicle.

What is the power of the battery?

If you are looking to replace your Mini Truck Batteries, then you need to know the voltage that is acceptable for the Kei truck or van. Most of the models on the market require a 12-volt battery. However, 8-volt batteries have been used successfully. Check the specifics of your battery prior to purchasing the domestic equivalent. Getting too much power from your battery may cause strain on the starter. Small car batteries are generally too powerful for a Kei truck and should be avoided unless specifically recommended by the Kei truck brand.

Battery power will vary dependent upon the model that you have. However, some of the popular batteries for mini trucks include the Durastart 8 volt, the Yuassa NP18-12B 12 volt, and the Earth ETX12A High performance battery.

While it has been suggested that an ATV or a lawn mower battery is sufficient power for a Kei truck, these should be avoided. The batteries for ATVs and Lawn Mowers are specifically designed for those vehicles and are not intended for Kei Trucks of vehicles which will be used continuously. Only use such batteries if they are approved by the Kei manufacturer.

A note about Mini Truck Batteries

 Japan and US vehicles and batteries differ. If you are purchasing a U.S. brand of the battery, you will need to change out the connectors to the positive and negative. Japanese battery connectors have the pencil holes which are not common on domestic batteries. Some newer models do adhere to the most batteries on the market. Check your Kei battery before performing any changes.

 If you are not familiar with how to change these, have a mechanic perform the work. As with any maintenance and alterations to your vehicle, ensure that you adhere to all of the safety protocols.