Mini Farm Trucks – Japanese Mini Trucks For Your Farm

Do you run a farm? If you do, then pone of the major challenges that you could be facing could be transportation. Although it may vary with the many farms, you need a vehicle that can help you carry load or goods from one point to the other. In many cases, we have all seen utility vehicles and pickup trucks being used to carry around these kind of loads. However, at times, it could be challenging and the only option that you are left with is Kei mini trucks.

The Kei mini trucks are Japanese vehicles that resemble pickup trucks, only that their modeling and design are different. They have been in operation for many decades and although they have undergone different evolution stages with time, these mini trucks have stayed true to their purpose of delivering quality services and performance. Some of the most common Japanese kei truck models include Daihatsu hijet, Suzuki Carry, Honda Acty and Subaru Sambar. Below, we will delve deep into understanding the Japanese mini trucks and whether they are the ideal vehicles for use in the farms.

What to look for when looking for a vehicle for your farm jobs

Here are some of the things that you should be looking for when you are looking for a mini farm truck or a vehicle for that matter.

Vehicle Durability

Since you cannot predict the next tasks that you need from your vehicle, it is obvious that you should be looking for something that is built to last as well as something that is able to withstand any kind of load. The Kei mini trucks having being a product of some of the leading automakers are an assurance that you will be getting something that is not only professionally engineered but it is also built to last. The tough body, chassis among other mechanical features makes them the muscle car that you need in your farm. So you can drive around the bumpy off roads without worrying that you will easily tear down your vehicle.


The first thing that always pops in the mind of someone who wants to buy a vehicle is whether it will help them to deliver on their needs. The Japanese mini truck has been designed under high engineering by top automakers such as Daihatsu, Mazda, Honda and Subaru. Judging from the vehicles that these car markers produce, you can presume that these mini trucks are of high performance as well.

Fuel Efficiency

Unless you are from space where there is nothing like fuel, you’d want a vehicle that only seeps little and delivers more. A vehicle that is fuel efficient will save you tons of money that you could have spent on gas. The good news is that the mini trucks are good in fuel intake and you can expect it to take you a long way without taking in a lot.

With a drivetrain of only 600cc, it is obvious that the engine and general vehicle functionality is an impressive one as well.


How reliable and dependable a vehicle is might depend on the duties and goods that are being carried from one point to the other. The Japanese mini trucks have been designed to carry around light to medium cargo of up to 1500kgs. This means that if you have several sacks of corn that are to be carried from one point to the other, you won’t have any issues at all.

Compared to other vehicles such as UTVs which carry less, you will love the fact that the dump bed of the Japanese kei trucks are large enough and wider giving them another reason to get.

With the 4X4 Capability which engages all the wheels, you are certain to pass through some of those bad roads with a lot of ease.

Vehicle Maintenance

If you are sick and tired of vehicles that break down everytime and need to be repaired over and over, then you are not alone. It is not only very costly using a vehicle that is faulty but it also reduces the service delivering leaving your farm business.  The Japanese mini trucks have a good reputation when it comes to their low maintenance and cost effectiveness. These are vehicles that won’t demand the mechanic all the time needing some fixing.

This shouldn’t however make you forget that they need regular maintenance servicing. Without doing that, you will end up causing it to break down. Regular oiling and greasing, inspection, changing tires, body maintenance and painting are some of the things that you can do to maintain your mini truck and have it in good shape.

Affordability Depending On Budget

There is nothing good to smile about when it comes to vehicle costs. They don’t seem to be coming down soon either and that is some bad news for most of us. However, if you consider the Japanese mini trucks which have been designed to be simple and effective, you can save a lot.

Even better, the used Japanese mini trucks come at a way cheaper cost and you can import them easily from some Japanese car dealers. Auctions are also another sweet spot to find a good mini truck at a cost that you are willing to spare. If that is not a bargain, then we doubt that you will ever come across a lower cost. To sum that up, you should go for a Japanese mini truck if you are on a tight budget but still want to get something of good value.


Japanese mini trucks have stood the test of time and have been used across the globe to run different errands. Using these vehicles in the farm is an ideal idea.

Check out our listing page to see some of the used and new mini trucks that we have in our inventory. When you find any that suits your needs and budget, you can get in touch with us so that we can give you more details on the vehicle. We will also help you cut down on the shipping hassles and get you mini truck to the destination port you need it.

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