Manual Gear Jumps – Top Causes of Manual Gear Jumps

Among some of the issues experienced in manual vehicles is manual gear jumps. It is fun to drive a truck with a stick shift. Driving a manual transmission truck brings a lot of joy, but the bad news is that they are getting fewer on the roads today. Apart from becoming extinct, a few mechanics can work on such transmissions, which raises the question, what causes the manual transmission truck to jump out of gears? After reading this guide, you can have an adequate answer to this question.

Causes of Manual Gear Jumps

The manual transmission can jump out of gears for several reasons, such as worn-out mounts or loose linkage. When the shifter bearing is faulty, you will likely experience this problem. Below are more detailed reasons why your manual transmission truck will jump gears.

Internal Failure

The manual transmission has various internal components which can fail when poorly handled or old. When your transmission keeps popping gears, it might have a more significant problem, like the shift folk assembly or the synchronizer.

If the synchronizer is faulty, the transmission will pop some gears. You will also experience difficulty when downshifting gears. If your gears are worn out, consider replacing them.

Weak Spring in Shift Rail

The springs are located inside the shift rail. Its primary role is to lock the transmission into gear. The springs break when they are weak, and you will notice trouble if this happens.

The shifter ball will slip out when the springs break. If the shifter makes an unexpected motion, your transmission will slip gears.

Faulty Shifter Bearing

The shifter has surrounding it, and sometimes, they become worn out or faulty, making it difficult for the gear lever to engage the gears adequately. When you feel your shifters are loose, the bearings around you are worn out. 

The gears will slip when they are not pressed well against each other. In such a scenario, your truck will drop into neutral as your drive. 

Loose Linkage

The linkage rods of your truck become loose as it gets old. The rods connect the gear shifter to the transmission. When it becomes loose, it becomes difficult for the transmission to become locked in the gear.

When the transmission mount is worn out, the linkage will stretch out. 

Worn Mounts

The transmission mounts wear out over time. If this happens, the transmission will move whenever your truck accelerates. If there is a lot of motion on the transmission, the shift linker will move too much, stretching the cable.


To solve the problem of manual gear jumps in your truck, you can adjust the transmission. Adjusting the transmission varies depending on the model of your truck. You should refer to your service manual or consult a professional mechanic to perform this procedure effectively. 

For you to solve the issue of manual gear jumps, it is necessary to know some of its causes. This guide has focused on the most common causes of manual gear jump, which you should know as long as you own a manual transmission truck.

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